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Dan Nitescu

Karamba & Superkaramba 326 comments

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Nov 16 2004
The GNOME team is working hard to mkae a karamba equivalent lol :)

I do like that they're using XML and its more flexible though, but SK is way more powerful and has a lot more features. but, maybe SK could use XMl too, it doesen't sound like a bad idea, it would defintely be easier to make a GUI SK applet contrustor if we used XML.

There are a few cool ideas in gdeskelt sthat we could use, just check out the source.

Anyway, I'm happy with 0.31, jsut wish the GUI was more like I said above. - Aug 31 2003
Thanks for updating the documentation and SK, now I will try to make some simple things ;)

Also, the new startup page is too big for my screen and the text gets cutoff here too.

I would prefer something smaller and simple too which can be resized. Kind of like this:

iconbutton Open texttexttext
iconbutton Get New Themes texttexttext
iconbutton Help texttexttext
iconbutton Exit texttexttext - Aug 25 2003
This rocks, you jsut added/fixed just about everything I needed!

Karamba really is the best in its class for Linux, gDeskelts may have a better architecture, I have no idea if tha was true or the GNOME developers were jsut tryign tos how off, but no other program in this class has so many awesome features ;)

I'm actually going to try to learn to build some themes for SK, but I don't really know how to program. I hope the 0.28 documentation is still valid for 0.3.

Again, thank you! - Aug 23 2003
Noia for KDE 1.00

Individual Icons/-sets 258 comments

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Sep 18 2003
THis release includes some completely new icons and a total redesign of some +) More than just polishing.

- Nov 23 2002
These icons are even better than Crystal! sUse 8.1 never looked so gorgeous!

I remember that these icons are for Windows XP though, did you make them or just repackage them for KDE? There s a portet noia warm icon set here to, even a bunch of Nokia phones :p

I think that Crystal, Slick and Noia are the best iconsets ever. I am concerend though, none is complete, Slick isn't beeing updated anymore :( there are so many great icon projects that get abandoned before becoming complete, soon they are not updated anymore. This is really sad, I hope KDE ill at least have Crystal and this great iconset complete. They both look stunning.

- Nov 10 2002