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Faenza Variants

Individual Icons/-sets 25 comments

by spg76
Score 77.7%
Nov 24 2010
Also, Faenza's Sound and Video icon color scheme (grey with a green musical note) is pretty ugly. Think you could do something about that? - Nov 11 2010
If you have time, please also consider redoing the following hideous icons.

DROPBOX: It's currently a bright yellow square with the blue Dropbox logo in the middle.

VLC: A grey square with a small VLC traffic-cone logo in the middle. Ugly.

CLEMENTINE: Very nice logo, but doesn't fit the theme since it's not in a box.

Thanks for the fantastic variants. - Nov 11 2010
Faenza Variants

Individual Icons/-sets
by spg76

Score 77.7%
9   Nov 12 2010