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Oct 28 2012
Excellent theme, a pity that it does not show state change in Toggle Buttons. I have a program where a selection is made with such buttons, but there's no way to know which has been clicked.
- Jul 03 2015
If anyone has the same problem, I've posted what I did here: - Feb 18 2015
I had the problem that eg. buttons and notebook tabs which contained several elements in a gtkbox/gtkgrid, did not correctly let through the background color, and received the default bg (dark gray). After studying how all this works, I found that no background color was defined for those elements, while they are supposed to be transparent.

I defined a new class for GtkGrid, with transparent bg, and behold, it works! Elements look a lot nicer... I'd publish the changes, but don't really know where. Suggestions? - Feb 18 2015