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Jack Carlson , United States of America
Marvin's Desperation

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Oct 21 2006
It's a fun wall. Well rendered and philosophically profound. - Dec 02 2006
Winter 2

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by nems
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Nov 25 2006
Very nice image. Great composition. Even the lighting was nearly perfect. - Dec 02 2006
8Ball Tux Wallpaper

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Jun 13 2005
Very cute and well executed. Could you convert it to .png so we could adjust the background color a bit? Stark white is a little harsh on my monitor. - Jun 18 2005
metalic kicker

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Feb 23 2004
This color is perfect for my laptop. My old eyes have trouble enough with light colors. Matching your color to the clock background then making the digits yellow completes the package. Thanks. - Feb 26 2004