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Jeffrey Thomas Minneapolis, United States of America

Amarok 2.x Scripts 48 comments

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Jul 19 2013
Still hoping for an update for Android phones and other web browsers! - Oct 19 2010
Any update coming to the add-on to help Android users? I check back often but I've not seen any changes. - Aug 24 2010
These two buttons do look like buttons on the Android browser but not in Iceweasel; using Rekonq (WebKit) browser they do look like buttons there also but, like everywhere I've tried, the buttons still don't function. - Apr 14 2010
Also, the [Append Album as Playlist] and [Set Album as Playlist] buttons don't seem to work, on the Android browser nor in my Iceweasel 3.5.x browsers. - Apr 14 2010
I just got an Android (Motorola Cliq) last night and this script is one of the first things I've done :)

The [Back] button uses the Play icon, and the Pause icon doesn't seem to load. It also seems a bit sluggish but that may be my work wifi, I'll need to play with this more.

However, thank you very much and great job! - Apr 14 2010
Install the script in Amarok 2.x's Script Manager; then in the Script Manager turn the script on with a checkmark.

Restart Amarok and it should be running!

Then in a browser visit and log in with the credentials supplied in the app's description, and/or edit the file at $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/amarok-webui/conf.js - Apr 14 2010

System Software 11 comments

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Oct 19 2009
Where can I get the source for this? The Download link leads me to but I don't see any downloadable files there either.

I like the thought of this and KDE4 really needs this. I suggest that you try to get it into KDE proper! - Oct 20 2009