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jeff dameth

Enlightenment Themes 3 comments

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Nov 19 2015
Thanks for updating this theme! - Sep 19 2015
A good looking theme

E Animated Backgrounds 6 comments

by duckz
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Mar 21 2008
btw. a preview with blurred transparent menus. though it need ecomorph as compositing manager - Mar 23 2008
oh you were right. there were 2 lines of code missing. it's now in cvs
to use one has to add
data.item: "shaped" "1";
to the group named

cheers - Mar 22 2008
i first thought this is the milky theme because the shelves look the same.

it's pretty similar to theme i have planned, but i want to make black outlines for the menu and windows

- Mar 21 2008
you can do this in e. but only with a compositing manager running and turning
advanced->engine->composite option on - Mar 21 2008

Enlightenment Themes
by ilar81

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9   Sep 19 2015