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Deepin GTK theme

GTK3 Themes 21 comments

Score 72.1%
Jan 24 2018
Eeeee, well yes, I like the GNOME logo, for me it'd be better than those 3 dots. But anyway I'm not the designer of the theme. xD - May 16 2017
Just a suggestion... why you don't just place the GNOME (the foot) icon at the top left corner instead of the 3 dots. - May 15 2017
Numix White Icons

Icon Themes 15 comments

Score 66.7%
Feb 16 2018
Thank you so much! I'll be looking forward for the update. Regards. - May 16 2017
Hey this look is great but I have several icons missing after installing them in Neon. I tried via the settings and also placing the folder in the above indicated path but the result is the same. - May 15 2017
Score 66.7%
9   May 16 2017