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Juan Francisco Estrada Garcí­a , Spain
"Aqua Dreams" theme

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Feb 05 2008
Hi, your theme pack looks really great, but the link doesn't work, so please, can you fix it?.

Kind regards. - Jan 05 2008

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May 13 2007
Oh, sorry I forgot comment one thing. What the hell are you writing about a peace process? All that I know is that after the last bomb in Barajas the peace process was broken. Sorry but the guns aren't the solve to your problems. - May 13 2007
"Illegalizing parties and ellection lists during a peace process don't seem a way to get the peace."
Off course to get the peace is too much better kill everyone that doesn't think like you. You only have to think in all people that have killed by terrorist in Spain and imagine that all this people was murdered because they think in a different way (democracy), or better imagine that all these people were your friends. What do you think about the assassins?

Please remove your theme. - May 13 2007
Every people from Spain know that these politics are illegal because are supported by TERRORIST - May 13 2007
Gaim Ubins Guification Theme

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Oct 31 2006
I think that you can change the icons but manually, not with a theme packet (automatic). - Oct 29 2006
Are you talking about new icons for protocols, background, etc...?? - Oct 29 2006
Hi, some time ago i made a theme with ubuntu style, you can found here

- Oct 29 2006
ubuntu girls

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Jun 04 2006
Good job, I'm so happy that you use my wallpaper for make a gdm theme. - Jun 05 2006
Pidgin & Gaim guifications ubuntu style

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Oct 03 2007
I'm sorry, he asked me about if i can translate to spanish the theme, and i say that i will go to make. - May 29 2006
Es lo próximo que voy a hacer - May 29 2006
Ubuntu dapper x86

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May 27 2006
you can found this wallpaper without text here. - May 27 2006
you can found this wallpaper without text here. - May 27 2006

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Feb 18 2006
I have found the pictures in internet, the pistures are small size, and I didn't remove the title and coment from the pictures, I am not going to sell the wallpaper, i don't say that i am the photograf, i think that this wallpaper is legal, in addition here you can find a lot of pictures from famous models and holliwod stars, i think that if they can do it, i'm too.

I'm sorry for my bad english but i don't speak good english. - Feb 18 2006
I had the idea of my poster :) - Feb 18 2006
Take one small step Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 1 comment

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Jan 23 2006
I have changed your wallpaper, I have translated the text of your wallpaper to spanish, with the original text from Neil Armstrong. - Jan 24 2006