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Jérôme Lebleu
Numix Blue Remix

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Dec 09 2014
Glad you like this idea! :) You're welcome. - Sep 16 2013
Hi, thank you for this great remix! I really like Numix theme and blue color too. What do you think about fork the original Numix theme on github? I think that it could help to provide an up-to-date Numix theme with blue color deviation. There is already a fork with Base16 Ocean colorscheme here:, so it could be done in the same way... But it's as you wish for sure! I can try to contribute if you need :) - Sep 15 2013
Adwaita-X dark/light

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Score 74.2%
May 06 2013
I would like to use your great and nice theme for some computers running Debian Wheezy, which provides GTK 3.4. Unfortunately current release doesn't work well on it.
So where is it possible to download previous releases which can work with GTK 3.4 please?
Thank you! - Aug 30 2013
Numix Blue Remix

GTK3 Themes
by vitalyk

Score 76.7%
9   Sep 15 2013
Score 74.2%
9   Aug 30 2013