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Joe Meszaros
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Online Radio AD Blocker

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Aug 13 2015
You have to configure the extension to block your radio station's ads. This configuration varies from station to station. Please be vigilant and catch the title of the ads and post it to me and I will help you to configure the extension. - Nov 12 2013
Where did you save the file? If it's a mysterious
phenomenon I will install a fresh Ubuntu 13.10 VM. - Nov 11 2013
It is the source code of the extension not the site. Please click on 'File/Save as' in the menu when you see the this source code. Thus you can download the file and save it to the right place.

If you have further problems feel free to ask again :-) - Nov 11 2013
zipzipsaib, thanks for the comments and the bug report. Now everybody can download the updated file with the bug fix. - Sep 19 2013