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Feb 12 2009
I use Emerald for my window managing needs but you can search for themes related to ClearGlow or MurrineGlow ( as the menubar background color has been borrowed from this theme suite. I think it can fit GlowLeopard nicely :).

Thanks. - Feb 12 2009
You could rather remplace the line for iconsizes in your ~/.themes/GlowLeopard/gtkrc like this :
gtk-icon-sizes ="gtk-small-toolbar=16,16:gtk-large-toolbar=24,24:gtk-button=12,12:panel-menu=16,16:gtk-menu=16,16"
Or erase it in order to inherit the default icon sizes of GTK programs (which is quite big)...

If many people ask it, I could package a less compact version of that theme. - Nov 02 2008
Seems that it's more difficult than I thought... The main problem is that the whole theme uses the Aurora engine, which doesn't allow to remove the border between the menubar and the toolbar. Changing that behaviour requires to pass the whole theme into the Clearlooks or Murrine engine, and then use Aurora for some widgets.
I could make an alternate version, if you really want. Another benefit of this version would be a faster loading (with Murrine). - Nov 02 2008
Sorry for everyone, I made a mistake when I updated the theme for the last time. Messing with tar is not my passion :).
It is working now and I will try to make several improvements this week.
Feel free to send any wishes, ideas or remarks. - Nov 01 2008
I'll work on this in a couple of days... Finding a solution for merging the two bars and having correct background colors for entry and button elements (for instance in Firefox). - Nov 01 2008
Yes, it is ! It looks well with Futura too. - Oct 29 2008

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Aug 16 2007
This is Splint :

Thanks for comments. - Aug 20 2007
Yes, but in fact I don't like that setting so much... - Aug 16 2007