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Josef Trněnč , Czech Republic
Youtube playlist

VLC Playlist Parsers 315 comments

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Sep 05 2017
So it works! Good job - Mar 06 2014
Oh I'm sorry. I was inattentive. There is main PHP script

There are Czech words and it's quite confusing - I wrote it quickly. But it works :D - Mar 06 2014
no! You must insert index parameter to playListURL! :)

in PHP:
$url = "".$_GET['list']."&index=".$index; - Mar 06 2014
parameter is only &index=X
first I request index=1 then 101, 201,... If index is after end of playlist, YouTube return XML, where aren't <video> tags OR playlist from start! So you have to check the uniqueness of video ID - video can be in playlist only once. - Mar 06 2014
I would like to. But I don't know the way to do it in lua. The point id that repeatedly sending a request by shifting the index by 100 (at 101, 201,...). And then I generate XML. - Mar 06 2014
No, it's not spyware. From what I've tried, YouTube will only return the first 100 videos from the playlist. My PHP script, but it returns the entire playlist. You can try it out.

(sorry for my english) - Mar 06 2014
Playlist obviously can not be private because VLC does not have to account to login! - Mar 06 2014
Try this. I modified it and it should work: - Mar 04 2014