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Jarrod Seccombe

GTK2 Themes 23 comments

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Jul 17 2013
I've figured it out. For some reason copying it to ~/.themes wasn't working. I ended up compressing the cyan-gtk folder into a tar.gz and installing by dragging the .gz to the Appearance window. - May 01 2011
OK I've figured out the e16 theme placement so that's working fine now. It's the GTK theme I'm having issues with. - Apr 28 2011
I'm trying to install the theme atm. Enlightenment has been installed, all is working well from that front. I've downloaded the theme and extracted the folders into their respective places (~/.themes and ~/.e16/themes), but when I go to appearance, the theme doesn't appear! I've tried restarting GNOME two or three times to no avail. Any ideas? - Apr 28 2011