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by adjam
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Jan 12 2014
For people that dont want to use Qt4.7 yet or Kubuntu PPA for KDE 4.5

I have created packages for Rekonq, compiled againt the official Lucid Qt4.6.2 and KDE4.4

Enjoy! - Aug 28 2010

have fun..... - Feb 11 2010
nevermind I just disabled #ADD_SUBDIRECTORY( tests ) in /src/CMakeLists.txt... seems to work now :-) - Feb 11 2010
I mean, yeah there is a file named mainview_test.cpp but why do I get this error? - Feb 11 2010
Trying to compile and build package on launchpad but I get this error:

Unable to find executable: /build/buildd/rekonq-0.3.90/obj-i486-linux-gnu/src/tests/
2/2 Test #2: mainview_test ....................***Bad command 1 0.00 sec

Looking in the /src you provided for download don't have any file named , so it look's like its missing ... - Feb 11 2010

Audioplayers 123 comments

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Dec 07 2011
There is a Ubuntu Karmic Package in my PPA Repository, you can find it here

I dont build Bangarang every day, I monitor and decide to build or not to build...

Have fun!.. - Jan 03 2010
WinX DVD Author

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Nov 06 2009
This is not open software, it is also only for Windows... Why release here at opendesktop? I think its the wrong place to market your Software!!! - Nov 06 2009
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Oct 12 2009
Nice to see parts of my work, in other projects.. :-)
The Icons look neat.

Cheers.. - Oct 13 2009