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TTS amaroK script

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Feb 17 2005
I've got the same problem. When I open the KDE Text-to-Speech Manager (kttsmgr) I can see the engine is actually saying something like this (literally):
"<speak><voice gender="neutral" age="40"><prosody pitch="medium" range="medium" rate="medium" volume="medium">Title by Artist\nPause=0</prosody></voice></speak>"
Which ends up in a lot of "greater than" and "less than"s said. - Aug 23 2006
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

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Jan 10 2006
Oh no... I found it.
I removed the .qt/lipstikstylerc file and setup lipstik clicking on the defaults button at the lipstik config dialog, as mentioned on After that, I found out there's an 'Enable Vistesque' checkbox in the lipstik config dialog... I feel so stupid. - Apr 15 2006
I installed Vistesque the way you described, but it doesn't seem to work. In the style module in the control center, Vistesque is not displayed in the list. And oddly enough, Lipstik is displayed in the list, although I removed it. Lipstik still works, and Vistesque won't work. - Apr 10 2006