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Dirk Davidis Bonn, Germany

GTK3 Themes 123 comments

Score 85.7%
2 days ago
a Flatpak Version of your theme would be great .... indeed great work really like your theme
- Dec 20 2018

Icon Themes 603 comments

Score 87.9%
Jul 03 2019
Please add icons for amazon netflix fedora redhat keepassx terminator rednotebook texmaker jdownloader softmaker office
- Dec 11 2018
Flat Remix ICON theme

Icon Themes 237 comments

Score 84.6%
2 days ago
Hi i love your Icon Theme, can u please add icons for gramps, grsync makekmv?. In Fedora 22 when i change to your icon in Evolution under settings the calender Icon gets blurred please fix it or tell me how to do it ... but anyway i love it :-) - Jun 04 2015

Icon Themes 42 comments

Score 82.8%
Feb 20 2019
Hi, i got a fresh Fedora21 with all updates and Gnome. The Problem only occurs in Evolution. I think it is just evolution nothing. else - Dec 22 2014
Hi great theme. After updating to Fedora 21 with Gnome 3.14 the icons get blured up on Evolution. Can you fix this please or tell me how to? - Dec 19 2014