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Kristof Borrey
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Sep 20 2003
Some of these stencils won't work on older versions of Kivio since the older versions only support Kivio's native SML (Stencil Markup Language) format. Kivio 1.3 supports SML, Dia Shapes and SPY (Smart SML stencils with Python support).

Maybe it's a good time to consider switching to Kivio 1.3 (Koffice 1.3). Besides better stencil support, Kivio 1.3 is also more stable and offers a much better GUI. - Aug 24 2003
iKons 0.6.4

Individual Icons/-sets 44 comments

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May 09 2002
The wallpaper is available at - Apr 23 2002
Do you know the name of that icon? I don't have an icon for Windows partitions, but I'll include one in the next iKons release if I know its name. - Mar 30 2002
There will be new Kmail icons in iKons 0.7 :o) - Mar 30 2002
What do you mean with this comment? The hard disc icon and other device icons are already very similar. - Mar 29 2002
Thanx for your comment :o). The purpose of iKons 0.7 will be to add more consistency to the icon theme. I also added new 48x48 mime type icons. What do you think of them? If you like it, I 'll also add iKons mime type icons for 16x16, 32x32 and 64x64. - Mar 29 2002
I'm looking for a good open source (or free software) application to make SVG iKons. Everaldo already made some SVG icons, but he used commercial software to do this. It's the same problem with animated icons: if you want to make an animated MNG icon, you'll need ms Windows. I only use open source (or free software) applications, such as Gimp, to make iKons. As soon as I have a good application to make SVG icons, I'll make some SVG icons. In the meanwhile: enjoy the current iKons release :o) - Mar 29 2002
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Individual Icons/-sets 177 comments

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Mar 02 2002
There will be a new trash icon in the next release of iKons. This release will also feature icons for a digital camera, flash card readers, etc. - Mar 05 2002
I left out qnix and netscape icons to save some disk space. But I'm looking for the possibility to release several iKons themes, e.g. iKons_qnix and iKons_Mozilla.
But first, I need to get iKons ready for KDE3final. - Feb 01 2002
I'm looking at the possibility to create an icon theme per category of icons (devices, mime-types, folders, applications, actions, etc.). By doing this, users will be able to select a different icon theme for each category, e.g. iKons folders together with default devices. It would also be possible to create multiple action icon themes, e.g.: a qnix action icon theme, a Mozilla action icon theme or a iKons action theme.
I think this should solve your problem. - Jan 31 2002
I'm working on new 16x16 and 64x64 icons for folders and devices. These icons will be ready by iKons 0.6. - Jan 31 2002
If you use a small panel, you need 16x16 icons ... and these aren't yet available. I'll try to make them for iKons 0.6.
Some distributions (e.g. Redmond/Lycoris) have theur own icons, so you may have problems with iKons. If you're using Redmond/Lycoris, please tell me how iKons behave on it. - Jan 30 2002
The new desktop icon (the one with the giant pen) is only temporary. It's only purpose is to give you an idea of what I'm doing.
I'm also looking at the possibility to create an icon theme per category of icons (devices, mime-types, folders, applications, actions, etc.). By doing this, users will be able to select a different icon theme for each category, e.g. iKons folders together with default devices. Would you be interested to have this feature in Kcontrol? - Jan 29 2002
I'll try to create 'open folder' icons for iKons 0.6 ... In the future, the 'open icons' will be replaced by animated icons (MNGs). - Jan 28 2002
I replaced the iKons 0.5.5 'stop' button with the traditional 'stop' button' in iKons 0.5.6. - Jan 28 2002
I'll replace the 'stop' with a new one ASAP. Are there any other icons you would like to see changed?
I'm also working on better 16x16 folder icons and new 64x64 hardware icons. - Jan 26 2002
The 'iKons' icon theme started as 'Kicons', which was in fact a WinXP/MacOSX based icon theme with my own folder icons. Now, I'm redoing most icons in order to incorporate my own style. This should be finished by iKons 0.6.

When this transition phase is over, I'll start the discussion whether or not to include iKons 0.6 as part of KDE 3. - Jan 16 2002
I left out the development subdirectories in 0.5.2 because the icon theme was getting quite large (over 1.1 Mb). I'll clean up the development subdirectories and add the best icons to the icon theme.

The alpha-blended toolbar and menu icons work only in KDE 3. - Jan 11 2002
I know there are problems with previous versions of iKons (iKons disappeared after a few moments) ... but this should be fixed in iKons 0.5.1 and 0.5.2.
If you're still experiencing problems, please contact me at - Jan 10 2002
I'm redoing the device icons (16x16, 32x32 and 48x48). My aim is to release new device icons with iKons 0.6. When I'm redoing the device icon, I'll also redo some other icons like e.g. the Konsole/Kdesktop/Kcontrol icons. - Jan 10 2002
iKons 0.5 Pro edition

Individual Icons/-sets 119 comments

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Dec 14 2001
it seems that a lot of people think that the rocket icon doesn't look professional ... other people asked me to include the rocket icon in KDE 3 as default ... so: problem! When you don't like the rocket icon, you should delete this icon ... but I think it's a good icon because the rocket represents the launch action. The rocket icon looks "cartoonish", but other KDE icons also look "cartoonish". Torsten Rahn ( describes his icons as being "cartoonish".
The rocket icon will be included in future releases of iKons When there's a new milestone release, I 'll release a seperate package without the rocket icon (iKons Professional). So:
- All future releases of iKons (development and milestone) will include the rocket icon.
- When there's a milestone release of iKons, I'll release a seperate package without the rocket icon (iKons Professional).
Is everybody happy with this solution? - Nov 28 2001
I redid the navigation icons. I would like to hear from you which navigation icons you like most(standard navigation icons, iKons 0.4 navigation icons, iKons 0.4.2 navigation icons, iKons 0.4.3 navigation icons, or other navigation icons (please specify ...)). - Oct 28 2001