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Kevin ke5in
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Aug 23 2017
For some reason pgadmin3 and this theme are not compatible. (On fc2 w/ gnome 2.6)
But I have not seen any problems with other apps so this might be a problem with pgadmin3. Overall this theme is terrific!

[ke5in@localhost ke5in]$ pgadmin3

** (pgadmin3:7807): WARNING **: Invalid borders specified for theme pixmap:
borders don't fit within the image
Segmentation fault
I tried hacking the borders for entry2 in gtk-2.0/gtkrc but could not find settings that pgadmin3 liked.
My work around was to comment out the entire section :(
# image
# {
# function = FLAT_BOX
# recolorable = TRUE
# detail = "entry_bg"
# file = "entry2.png"
# border = { 3, 3, 3, 3 }
# stretch = TRUE
# } - Nov 12 2004
Nice job! The only problem that I found (using gnome 2.6 on FC2) is that some highlighting changes text to white. If background is also light in color the text seems to disappear. In the link below, if I hover over the button on the left the text will "disappear" but hovering over the button on the right is ok when text turns white because the background is blue.

Which file and attribute should I edit to change the highlighting color from white to, say, a light gray? - Nov 11 2004