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kristijan potocnik , Slovenia

Various Gnome Theming 314 comments

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Nov 15 2010

I haven't tried it jet. Looks like there are some problems with unity and plymouth in version based on ubuntu 11.04. Will try both macbuntu distros as soon as they are downloaded

slingshot or takeoff (but it's made for KDE) - like "launchpad" on Lion
natural scrolling
early support for ubuntu 11.10 :) - I usually install development version of ubuntu when it's in alpha 2/3 faze and next version is coming soon

p.s. Author of this distro is waiting too to see macbuntu 2.4 release :) - Aug 02 2011
You should read the description next time :)

And bagley like jimmerlin suggests maybe we could see macbuntu distro? - Jul 15 2011
The search bar in top right could be replaced with deskbar-applet But icon have to be changed. Hope that the global-menu bug with firefox... will be fixed soon. I noticed that in some programs e.g. vlc, mouse change color back to white. Can this be fixed?

Keep up the good work. - Nov 27 2010
Docky works great, but I want to come close Mac OS X as possible and I it has the possibility to do this and Or am I wrong?

Is it possible that in grub it says Mac OS X instead of Ubuntu. - Aug 27 2010
That's the one I am using. I will install Mac OS X in virtualbox, to se how close it is. - Aug 25 2010
Great theme. Just installed plymouth theme and deskbar. Now I just need to install GDM theme. Waiting for your next release - Aug 25 2010

Various Gnome Theming
by bagley

Score 75.8%
Aug 27 2010