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joe smythe
BasKet Note Pads

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Oct 01 2010
This program is no longer supported. It is not only not the best in the category, but it can cause problems that will not be fixed. I cannot even uninstall it. (CherryTree will import the files and arrange them almost exactly as they were before, even when Basket cannot open its own files.)

It is strongly advised that one not install or attempt to use it. And all references to promoting it should be removed from the Internet. - Apr 19 2013
The product is a pretty good one, but it has some flaws. There is not a time/date stamp function one can apply to notes created, and there is a nasty problem with ampersands in titles; they always duplicate. It is a little non-intuitive as well, and is very heavy on resource usage. It will likely mature with age. - Dec 29 2010