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Konstantin Nikkari
Wacom Control Panel

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Score 76.7%
Jun 02 2011
If with your program you will be able to make my wacom work as it should be I would be VERY grateful! I've been struggling to get it work for many days now.

Can you give any schedule for up-coming up-date, a week, a month? - Nov 09 2011
After editing buttons the program does not save it. So basically I can't modify any pad keys.

Using Intuos4 L.

Also in case something not nice happens, how do I uninstall this program? - Nov 08 2011
wacom tablet

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by Etric
Score 85.4%
Oct 28 2015
This application looks nice. I just don't understand how to start it. Do I need some other program first?

I'm total new to Ubuntu and just switched from Windows. - Nov 08 2011