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Murrina Aero

GTK2 Themes 16 comments

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Jun 27 2007
This should fix the panel menubar

style "test"{
fg[NORMAL] = "#ff0000"
bg[NORMAL] = "#00ff00"
widget_class "*Panel*MenuBar*" style "test"

Just change the color and rename the style if you want. - May 07 2007
Score 50.0%
May 06 2007
Please remove the images or ask russellc, I'm sure he won't mind if you ask him.

You don't even give credits. - May 06 2007
You shouldn't use images from my Lucid Dark theme, at least not without asking the author first, which in this case is russellc.

That's why I hate gnome-look, people just rip off. - May 06 2007
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes 347 comments

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Jan 03 2009
There are definitely issues with Nautilus, look when I drag my folder around the window.

Only happens with this engine.

ArchLinux, GNOME 2.18, GTK 2.10.11 - Apr 30 2007
Great work man.

Now that this is version 1.0 can you split the theme and engine into two files?

And again could release your source code for the widget factory that is shown in your screenshot?

THX - Apr 30 2007
The scrollbar feature you are requesting is already part of gtk, you can change it in the gtkrc. - Apr 26 2007
Just compile it yourself, it's not that hard and only 2 files are installed in your system.

You can also create a deb package on your own with checkinstall. - Apr 23 2007
Would you mind sharing your source for the widget factory?

THX - Apr 22 2007
the gtkrc is inside the download, a file called Aurora_gtkrc.tar.bz2 - Apr 16 2007
BTW I forgot that Firefox has issues with the address bar and this engine, specially with a skin other than the default.

This doesn't happen with Clearlooks or Murrine - Apr 16 2007
Some thoughts:
1. I love list headers, buttons, checkbox, radio buttons and tooltips
2. The arrows are too big in the scrollbars
3. Range sliders are a little bit dark when you don't hover them
4. Arrows fro drop down buttons like nautilus back/forward is too big,

Excellent work, nice and smooth. - Apr 16 2007
DancingMouse for Firefox

Icon Sub-Sets 31 comments

by 314
Score 50.0%
May 04 2007
The licence can't be GPL because Tango icons are Creative Commons.

THX for the theme. - Apr 26 2007
OSX-Tiger theme

GTK2 Themes 81 comments

by Lauri
Score 63.3%
Apr 18 2007
it looks pretty good and if you want to make it more tiger alike the checkboxes on menu are different than the ones in a window.

and finally afaik OS X no longer use "stripped" background for the menu, does it?

anyway it is one of the best OS X themes I've seen. - Apr 18 2007

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

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Mar 03 2007
In which browser? It doesn't happen with Epiphany, if it's firefox then it is a Firefox bug. - Mar 06 2007
Yes, it's supposed to be almost black. - Mar 04 2007
Cerebro, soon to be released by me for Compiz and Metacity - Aug 24 2006
Glad you liked it. :D - Aug 22 2006
Aqua Glaze (beta release)

Icon Sub-Sets 21 comments

by saki
Score 50.0%
Jan 08 2007
Your icons are the same as susumu's aqua candy icons, it's 99% the same, you just added the gloss.

At least you should try to use other symbols in front of the folder for every icon.

Susumu icons:
- Jan 08 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 13 comments

by TaKo
Score 50.0%
Jan 30 2007
Look like Buuf my mattahan - Nov 02 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff 52 comments

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Oct 26 2006
I don't like the roundness in the steppers of the scrollbars.

For this style the steppers should use a style like OSX IMO. - Oct 26 2006
Are this changes going to be an option or will it be the default look? I ask it because i prefer the current style. - Oct 08 2006
Another OSX looking Desktop

Gnome Screenshots 18 comments

by zammi
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Oct 24 2006
Well scanlines are not used anymore in OSX since Tiger :p

Good job anyway. - Oct 24 2006
the dock is kxdocker afaik.

What I want to know is how do applications with two toolbars look like.

- Oct 23 2006
Debian, Ubuntu and Gnome Blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu 13 comments

by VemeC
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Sep 28 2007
GNOME or nothing, :D thx - Oct 23 2006
Can you do a widescreen version at 1680x1050? or not a widescreen but 1600x1200? - Oct 23 2006
Truth for linux

GTK2 Themes 78 comments

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Mar 29 2007
The pixmaps are one from the radiobutton and two in the list headers.

I ask you to remove the pixmpas because you cannot use the images unless you ask stefanka. - Oct 08 2006
Just remove the pixmaps you are using from Cerebro. - Oct 08 2006
You used my cerebro theme as base, actually you just replaced my images and you don't gave me any credit?

It's not nice from your part. That's what I hate from Linux.

And you should change the license because I don't think susumu want his theme with a GPL license. - Oct 07 2006

GTK2 Themes 49 comments

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Oct 02 2006
You say it's GPL but in the deviantart page it says:

Please DO NOT redistribute or modify any parts of this skin, without my permission first.

so how can you make something GPL when the original author doesn't ?? - Oct 02 2006
buuf icon theme

Full Icon Themes 41 comments

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Jul 28 2007
Say that to mattahan, he is the one who created the icons. - Aug 27 2006

GTK2 Themes 70 comments

by dborg
Score 50.0%
Aug 06 2006
It depends on the colors I'm using in my theme, but I want a blue or almost white. - Aug 11 2006
Excellent, specially the gradient on the background.

Is there a way to change the color of the scrollbar? - Aug 11 2006
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes 370 comments

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Sep 22 2010
Yes, it's great but can you add the glass ffect to the panels? because my panels look a little bit out of place :P

THX again - Jul 25 2006
Nevermind, I was wrong :P . - Jul 24 2006
is it possible to have a dark menubar but with white text? I tried but I can't do it and it's the same problem with all engines :P .

It's my only complain, but great job. - Jul 24 2006
rounded buttons would look great, kinda osx ish style roundness. and with a small shadow like the one you showed for candido buttons. - Jul 18 2006

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Jul 17 2006
Yes, I completely agree with you. - Jul 18 2006