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Jul 12 2013
I compiled your program on PisiLinux and am very impressed with it. Nice looking layout!
I would only suggest a notification when a job is completed, such as when I erase a disc.
Since pisilinux is not like other distros, some things are unreachable, such as I can't access Icon Themes (greyed out) and System Tray Plugin, which is on, does not show up in KDE panel. Other than that, I have been using your GUI to burn discs.
What I am looking forward to is when you finish it as I need some sort of library to catlogue all of my audio and video discs, some sort of database where I can look up a certain title and maybe add information, such as where I have it stored or whether it is action, drama, suspense, comedy, etc. We have so many movies that it can be difficult to locate it by searching through box a, box b, etc. I hope the database will be on my computer, as I use dial-up and clouding is not for us. Anyway, thanks for the hard work on this software! God Bless!
Lisa - Aug 24 2013