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Manuel Tancoigne

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Sep 12 2017
I tried 1.3 and it worked like a charm out of the box...

Do you have a website or something to submit issues/enhancements ?

Thanks for your work! - Jul 30 2015
Thanks, it worked !

I'll try not to launch it twice, waiting for the next update. - Jul 28 2015
Ok, does not work either (and by the way, the script creates a clamav-ctrl folder in /usr/var/applications but tries to copy files to clamav-gui dir...) - Jul 28 2015
It was with version 1, so i'll try it with the new 1.1 :) - Jul 28 2015
Hi and thanks for the app, that seems to be what I was searching for.

I had a small problem running the file (problems copying the icon in an inexisting folder), but compilation seems to be good.
The big problem is : it doesn't launch... When I run it from console, nothing happens and the prompt is back... No icon in the notification area and no running process in the top list.

A verbose option should be a great thing to know what happens when it launches :) - Jul 28 2015