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Mar 09 2009
No offense taken--That's a legitimate question: "Why do we need N+1 apps to do XYZ?"

In the case of MM3D and Blender, they are in different classes. Blender is an industrial-strength 3D modeling and rendering program. MM3D is a simple model editor.

The main reason people use MM3D is because if all you need to do is create triangle-based models, MM3D is easier to learn and use for that purpose.

I tried Blender, and I tried every other model editor I could find for Linux. I found that for my purposes each of them was either 1) Not Free/Libre, 2) Not complete, or 3) Difficult to learn or use.

My only contribution to Blender would be to rip out all the stuff I don't use so that I could make the stuff I do use more accessible. My guess is that Blender's users don't want that kind of help... though I'll admit I never actually asked the developers for their opinions on that. ;-)

Even if no one else used MM3D it would still exist, because *I* need it.

Would it be better for Blender if I applied my skills to Blender's goals to make Blender a better product? Very likely. Would the Free Software world be better off for that? Yes. But ultimately I'm selfish, I want what I want. Blender's goals and my goals don't mesh.

For good or ill, that attitude is common in the FOSS world. That's why you see this apparent duplication of effort in many software categories.

Here's an editorial which elaborates on this subject:

Anyways I'm not offended, and I don't mean this to sound defensive--I'm just explaining what my experience has been. - Dec 18 2005
Anyone is welcome to post feedback here, but as the primary developer I don't check this forum very often. If you want to make sure I read your feedback the best way is to go to the website and see the "Contact" page. - Dec 18 2005
More supported file formats is one of the goals of the current development effort. I did a poll among users a few months ago and the most requested file formats were Maya, Lightwave, and Wavefront. I can add DXF to the list.

Right now development is mostly just me, so progress on file formats is relatively slow. - Jan 19 2005