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laixix master Cortes, Honduras
Subtitler lite mod v1.3

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Aug 28 2018
here the funtion var_DelCallback - Jan 31 2013
I found the libraries for add_callback function call, maybe if we mix with c + + lua script will run without problems the script. 

This is the page
- Jan 31 2013
I understand, it is regrettable that no callback function vlc.var.add functions, I'm looking for a way to program it in c + + but I need more information on this function to print data from the subtitles in vlc screen. or about the operation of the function add_callback. - Jan 31 2013
it appears the box but does not read the. srt, but to top the box blank is initialized, right!! there is something that you still do not understand, if subtitle == nil thenfor i, v in pairs (subtitles) doif actual_time> = v [1] and actual_time <= v [2] then, my question is, which takes the matrix values​​, and what is the value of actual_time???sorry if I make lots of questions but based on your script I make my script. - Jan 31 2013
for some reason the subtitle is not charging me perhaps you could explain a little more about your programming and also see if I can make some modifications. - Jan 30 2013
You can check this please, I did a debug script errors, and apparently the load script but the "Function Load_subtitles ()" not doing his job as he is not initialized blank window.

xcb_xv debug: display is visible
xcb_xv debug: display is visible
main debug: auto hiding mouse cursor
qt4 debug: activating or triggering extension 'Subtitler (lite)'
lua debug: Activating extension 'Subtitler (lite)'
lua debug: Creating dialog 'Subtitler (lite)'
lua info: home/neutron/Descargas/
xcb_xv debug: display is visible
qt4 debug: Creating a new dialog: 'Subtitler (lite)'

- Jan 30 2013
thanks my friend ,There are some problems in the compatibility of the extensions in linux, will try to fix them, but just one last thing, you could do a little summary about the functions implemented in this script .... I greatly appreciate it and thank you for your feedback. - Jan 28 2013
would like to help and I was wondering where I can find a manual for developing extensions for vlc or other programs in Lua is what I need if I may I can also help you modify the code and implement new ideas. - Jan 27 2013
Show Me the Meaning

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Jan 29 2013
I'm using Linux Mint 14 and I have installed VLC 2.0.4 Twoflower apparently does not work ....
- Jan 27 2013