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Nicolas Ternisien , France
System Software

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Nov 07 2007
Yes, the boot log has disappeared, since now there are Daemon log and Kernel log.

Could you please send me the output of your Suse dmesg command, to let me be able to understand why it does not work

Could you also send me a screenshot of your the slide problem, it will be great to help me.

I've also noted the problem with the strange message box when file does not exist.

Thank you for your reporting. - Nov 02 2007
Hi !
Please test the 0.4 release of KSystemLog.

This issue is known for previous versions of KSystemLog, but is fixed now - Oct 29 2007
Thanks for this information.

I am actually porting KSystemLog to KDE 4, so most of reported bugs have been fixed, and this one should be too.

- Sep 06 2007

Thank you for this patch, I will apply it asap.

About the application, once again, I need time to maintain and improve it. I really hope to begin these improvements in the begin of the next year.

Regards. - Dec 06 2006
Thank you for your comments and ideas, there are now on the todo list of KSystemLog. You will be of course informed when these kind of changes will be released.

Thanks again.
- Sep 07 2006
Are you sure your type make install in root ?

When you did a ./configure, did you add --prefix=/usr ? - Jul 26 2006
Now, you need to do a make install, and then type ksystemlog in a console.

However, you should use the ksystemlog packaged for your distribution - Jul 26 2006
Done. Thank you. - Jul 25 2006
Sorry, I didn't see it has put Ksystemlog in front page.

In fact, I've just updated the web site links. - Jul 25 2006
No, I think it's not the problem. Right click on the rpm files from your favorite broweer, download the file, and even if the extension if not the right one, simply rename the file, and then launch the rpm -Uvh rpm command line.

It _will_ work. - Jul 25 2005
OK, I think you can launch a shell command (like konsole), go to the download folder of your computer, and then launch rpm -Uvh ksystemlogrpmfile.rpm

It should work I think.

Good luck! - Jul 24 2005
It's quite strange, because my package include 10 langages, but no one is updated to the current version of KSystemLog. I will take a look in the stuff!

Thanks for the Debian package! - Jul 21 2005
Thank you !! - Jul 21 2005
Yes of course, it will be one of the main features of the 0.4 release.
(for the moment, I'm working on the 0.3.2 version, so I think you'll have to wait some times (4/5 weeks before the 0.4 will be released) - Jun 29 2005
Hello everybody !!

My new idea is : Never be disconnected from Internet during 3 days, because the amount of messages/mails is too huge ;-)

Thanks to everyone who made a package, and give me ideas !

DarkLord : All your requests are done

1/ Thank you very much. I requested help from KDE Artists, but nobody were interested, so I made my own icon.

2/ I am fixing that

3/ If you want, I can add the Group By menu to the main toolbar, but not for the moment in a dedicated toolbar.


a/Good ideas, they are going to my TODO list (maybe for the 0.4)

b/ I'm not sure it will be configurable, but I will implement the opening of the Today item by default.

5/ Main of them are now fixed. Thank you very much for your report. - Jun 27 2005
Yeah, thank you very much DarkLord !

The double click idea is really fine, i add it to my TODO list!

However, I plan to support more and more log files, so I prefer hiding by default the log toolbar, to don't habituate users of its presence, because she would probably become more and more huge (or if I do that, I will keep only the main logs, well, that's a new idea : I add it to my TODO list too ;-)

For the KUbuntu problem, I think it is the job of the packager to fix it (in fact it's quite simple, he just has to modify the ksystemlog.kfcg file, which contains default configuration of KSystemLog in a XML format).

If you want to contact him, here is its email address :

Mathieu Ourioux : mathieu ;DOT; ourioux _AT_ gmail !DOT! com

Thanks a lot ! - Jun 24 2005
Ehm... Do you have installed the Qt-devel packages ? I think your compilation problem is due to the fact that Qt tools are missing in your computer, and these tools are generally included in qt-devel (or the matching devel package in Gentoo distrib). Just install them sould fix this problem. - Jun 23 2005
Yes, but you are talking about a multi-user Linux system with a specifical Administrator.

Today, Linux is also on simple machine, with 1 main user (which is also the root), and satellite user, like your wife, or your children.

Of course, KSystemLog is useful for this two cases : the administrator in the 1/ and the poweruser in the 2/

The fact that KSystemLog exists will not automagically change the rights of your log files, so KSystemLog is not the problem here. KSystemLog is only a way to display finely log files of your system, only if you have the rights to read them.

I have plan with neoclust to add the kdesu feature (1 line modified in .desktop file), but as you said, log files in user home are also interested, and maybe will be parsed by KSystemLog a day, so I'm not sure to always keep this kdesu, and it's not a problem. - Jun 23 2005
ouch !!

Can you send me your system log files ?

If you can't send me, please just send a part of them, or something which always makes KSystemLog consuming too much memory.

This problem can have 2 reasons :
- Strange characters in this file (aargh, I have to manage this $*-(%? characters!)
- A bug in KSystemLog (it will be not so strange ;-)

Sorry for this problem ;-( - Jun 22 2005
OK, I didn't know that other process used this kind of thing. I will delete the process number automatically in the next version (and add an option to keep it)

Thanks for this idea! - Jun 22 2005
When he tries to install its graphic card and it does not work, or when he wants to know why its file share server (Samba) does not work, and report this to its support/friends. There are hundred and hundred reasons for a user to see system log (check the Windows one to be sure it's not a strange needing) - Jun 22 2005
Thanks for your ideas vdboor !

- detect and mark common errors

This will be done by a plugin management (certainly with KJSEmbed), user will be able to add "detector" scripts, which will popup messages if some specials lines are discovered (ex: nvidia proprietary loading failed...)

- explain standard messages

I think this will be done in the same way than your previous request

- parse common lines, like iptable/cron/auth lines

Cron and Auth are already done, but IPtables is in the TODO list

- parse distro-stuff like SuSE's SFW2-* prefixes for iptables.

Yes, of course, I add it to my TODO-list

- detect log files automatically

Planned to the next version.

One other thing: the process column often shows stuff like cron[435] cron [14412], etc... Could you detect this "thread identifier"?

Yes I can detect it, but I'm not sure to want to add a special column for this because it seems that only Cron process use this kind of special thing.

Do not hesitate to comment my answer ;-) - Jun 20 2005
I'm trying to find a solution with KDE hackers to this annoying problem (KSystemLog uses new functions from KDE 3.4, and it can't compile with older version (for the moment))

Sorry for this problem, I try to fix it ASAP... - Jun 20 2005
What do you mean with a preview of the messages ? Sorry, I don't understand well.

Thanks to like KSystemLog. - Jun 20 2005
Ouch, I will try to fix this tonight (it's a bit more complicated than I thought)
Thanks for reporting! - Jun 20 2005

could you translate this log in english please, because I don't understand your language ;-)

Thanks! - Jun 07 2005
oups... it's not a final version isn't it;-)

Could you send me console output of KSystemLog when it crashes ? It will certainly help me find where is the problem.

Thanks. - Jun 07 2005
Yes, I will add a specifical log list for the firewall in the next release (0.3 or 0.4, I don't know for the moment), and a day some cool statistics (like graph bar, and table), but this is not for tomorrow ;-) - Jun 06 2005
It will be in the 0.4 version... Sorry to make you waiting ;-)

++ - Jun 06 2005
No, I'm sorry, but it's not possible for the moment. I will fix this problem in the next version of KSystemLog.

Sorry for your friend... ;-( - May 27 2005
Thank you very much, I will add it to the KDE Apps page. - May 27 2005
Ouf, I am pleased to see that it finally compiles.

Sorry for these problems, i hope you will enjoy KSystemLog

Nicolas - May 25 2005
Yes, you can simply go to the source folder of KSystemLog (where you made ./configure, make...)

and you can make the following command:

make uninstall

Then, you can do the same thing (./configure, make, make install) with the new version of KSystemLog 0.2.1

Good luck !

May the force be with you. - May 24 2005

That's because you have a 3.3.2 version of KDE, I will try to don't use this method if the version of KDE is lesser than 3.4

Thanks for your reports! - May 23 2005
Thank you, I will take care of your ideas in the next (certainly next next ;-) version of KSystemLog

Thanks! - May 20 2005
Yes, it will be very useful !

I'm not an Ubuntu packager, but it will be very cool if someone is able to do it - May 08 2005
Ok, now it is _REALLY_ fixed ;-)

And my email address is nicolas _DOT_ ternisien _AT_ gmail _DOT com, the previous one misses an 'i' - May 07 2005
Hello !

1/ Thank you very much !

2/ Could you send me the Connectiva RPM at nicolas.ternisen _ATT_ gmail _DOT_ com (the ksystemlog.desktop problem is fixed thanks to EliasP.

3/ See 2/

4/ Yeah, I love yellow and purple ;-)

Cheers. ;-) - May 07 2005
Yes that's a pretty good idea! but I'm not sure I will be able to implement it soon (certainly for the 0.3 or 0.4 version I think), but for sure, this idea will join the KSystemLog changelog ! - May 06 2005
Oaaahoo, you seem to be very interested by this program, thank you very much. I'm going to fix the problems you found ASAP, I have forgotten this kind of problems, but the next version will fix all these problems. Multiple tabs are in the TODO list, and I think customizable categories will join this list too ;-). It's a really good idea, and more over, the source code is normally ready for adding this feature, so it wouldn't be difficult to add it soon. Thank you for your feedback. - May 05 2005
OK, this is repaired !

The archive now includes aclocal.m4.

Sorry. - May 05 2005

System Software 13 comments

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Feb 01 2006
Wonderful !

I have no PSP, but please ask to integrate you KIOSlave to KDE project!

Thanks again. - Jan 28 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

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Oct 27 2006
Can you ask for join the official KDE SVN repository ?

This tool is really useful for poor newbie (and other) who search for their wallpapers or other resources... - Jul 17 2005

Network 129 comments

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May 25 2010
Do you plan to join the main KDE SVN repository. I think your powerful application has a place in KDE Network.

Many Thanks for it. - Jul 08 2005

Education Apps 22 comments

by mimec
Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2012
Please join the SVN Repository of KDE with your app. It has its place in KDE Edu, or KDE Graphics!!!!

Very very cool app. - Jul 04 2005

Utilities 103 comments

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Jan 14 2011
This application is a must have in the KDE Subversion repository. Please contact KDE developers to join it ASAP (to maybe join Extragear module)

Thanks for this useful project - Jun 30 2005

Chat & Messenging 91 comments

by Sho
Score 80.0%
Jun 26 2018
Will you replace the old Kirc application in KDE tree. I think Konversation have to be part of the official KDE desktop. - Jun 07 2005

Utilities 81 comments

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Dec 29 2005
Are you able to make a kio slave for ISO files ?

It will be an awesome feature for KDE, and KISO will be certainly better integrated in the main part of the KDE System - May 17 2005

Board 7 comments

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Feb 07 2005
A chess games is something really missing in KDE, and I hope that you will try to add your game to the official KDE packages !

Your game is very good, I hope it will be a day a part of KDE !

Thanks. - Feb 07 2005
KDE CC/IC, Konqueror, KMail (IN CVS)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 128 comments

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Feb 01 2005
done. ;-) - Dec 30 2004