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Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen Hinckley, United Kingdom, Europe
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Nov 26 2004
What you probably run into is the same problem that everyone runs into in the beginning. You will probably have to, in stead of as it says in the README file (./configure) do the following:
./configure --prefix=/usr
./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3
...depending on the distribution. To get the directory name to put after the --prefix= option, type kde-prefix --prefix in a konsole. - May 06 2003
The scrollbar thing was actually supposed to be a feature of the theme, but others have noticed that the buttons seem out of place in some situations, so they're no longer that small :) I'll upload new code and new screenies in a moment... - May 04 2003
Slicker KDE Number 1

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May 27 2004
Yup, the icon theme is incomplete :) It's going to be called Slicker Icons, and is designed to go with the Slicker style, the same way this background is. You can be sure to find it here when it's closer to completion :) - May 05 2003
[RedHat9/Mandrake9.1] Slicker RPM/SRPM

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 29 comments

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May 23 2003
There are instructions on the Slicker homepage on how to get the CVS version and compile+install on most distributions, in case you wish to try it :) - Apr 04 2003
Actually, Slicker is still in pre-alpha (meaning not even the core is complete in any sense of the word), and what we have here isn't actually an official release... We're obviously veeery happy that people like what we're trying to do here, but on the first meeting helt by the Slicker development team on #slicker on (which anyone is welcome to join by the way), it was decided that no releases should be made, source or otherwise, outside of CVS before we are at beta stage. By then, obviously, we will be most happy to see these things, but so far I'm afraid it will 'do more harm than good' (quote from the discussion in the meeting). However, everybody are very invited to have a look at the Slicker homepage at :) - Apr 04 2003
Compilation of some idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

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Mar 22 2003
Well, epoch is right you know... These mockups are simply copy/pasted versions of the Slicker mockups done by Fop (see ). Now, all we ask is for you to ask permission next time you decide to use other people's material. It is a very widely applied idea that when you use other people's material (even as blatantly obvious as it is here), you give credit where it is due. On that note, the icons used is the Noia set as featured elsewhere on this site (in case you missed it). - Mar 23 2003
Not quite kicker

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by fop
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Nov 27 2002
I feel that I should point this out, as it had escaped my attention until today, when I by accident checked the project again, that there is stuff going on! has more info and the FLASH promised by fop in an earlier message, and also a link to the page. I did not know, as SourceForge neglected to e-mail me about this fact, but I have actually been added to the members list, but because I only just checked today, I didn't know before today. Just mentioning this because it would seem to me that some people might be missing out here :) Thank you for your time again ;) - Dec 05 2002
Right, now I get it, I thought you were talking about while designing the cards themselves or somesuch. Yes, a palette card would most definately be a good idea, as would all the other ideas you put up there. This is of course one of the main things about your idea being plugin-based, if you want something there, a plugin can be made to make it possible. Like, say, a palette (though this would require programmers to support that particular card, if not the card could copy the colour code (html/rgb/whatever) to the clipboard, to enable pasting it into the program you happen to be using at any one time) :) - Nov 27 2002
According to Fitts law (which I know is not always the best thing to reffer to) anything placed in the corner of the screen is easy to hit (the corners are four of the five easiest single pixels on the screen to hit from any one particular position on the screen (question 3)). This basically means that the size of the K card is unimportant, as long as it is placed in a corner. Of course, I see the problem if the K card is placed anywhere but one of the corners, which with the deck system of course is possible. But then again, it ought to be possible to decide on a per-card basis how much of the card is shown when it is hidden, as well as when the card is placed in a corner, the edge close to the corner should be square (i.e. flat against the edge of the screen) in stead of round (this could, of course, be theme-based so as to be defined by whichever theme the decks are using (a square area is, by default, faster to draw on the screen than a more advanced shape, such as a square with rounded corners, and thus faster). Just another couple of pence from me there :) Keep the productive suggestions comming people! :) - Nov 27 2002
What exactly do you mean with that... I don't quite follow there :) Though the ease of use is something we of course have to stride after ;) - Nov 27 2002
As for the taskbar, it would be (fairly) simple to make use of the thumbnails as icons for the taskbar as well. Possibly it would be an idea to make the icons bigger when the mouse is over it, possibly... But that's for the people that make the taskbar card to decide on, really ;) - Nov 27 2002
This is, as many have pointed out, possibly the best idea to be released since sliced bread. Now, as soon as I am done writing this message, I will be clicking on "good" and then be off to join the project.
One thing that hit me is the name. Slicker is an adjective and this, being a thing, ought to really be named a noun. Thinking so, I thought that the 'Dock' first envisioned for the NeXTStep OS was equally new, and so it would seem like a good idea to name this equally simple and simply call it the 'Deck'. Any comments, people?
Also, re the taskbar. People have pointed out that many people use the Mac style menus in KDE. This is very true, and a simple solution to the problem of the taskbar being in the same place would seem to be to simply move it to the other side of the screen.
Also, to make everything easier for developers and their likes, to make the system plugin based (completely) would seem the simplest way of working it. This way, very small groups of developers could work on each card. Extreme Programming could thus be implemented and we could get us some results with a speed like nothing else... Thoughts?
In case you now thing "Hey, this guy is talking out his *rse" I am very sorry. I am very enthusiastic about the project and am simply hoping to be able to contribute to it the best I can. - Nov 27 2002
all is calm

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Apr 29 2003
Well, when it comes to doing stuff like this, knowing your way around the GIMP sure helps ;) It is, in fact, rendered. The creation was very simple: Make a torus using a 3D program, render it as wireframe, motionblur it in the GIMP, find a Filter>Render>Natural>Flame that looks right and do it, then make it transparent and put a blue-ish alien map on top of it. Then just put on the text, and you're done :) Very simple, but it works nicely (using it on my own desktop, for which it was made in the first place ;) ) - Nov 28 2002