Request for new KBIFF icons

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by thormedia 3 comments

The main reason for the lack of Crystal SVG (or indeed any other icon set) icons for KBiff's system tray icons is that simple one that they are not immediately themable. If you would be so kind as to file a bug report to this effect (for inspiration look through the kmix bug reports, namely ), it would be much appreciated. - Dec 04 2003
Lambda Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by bluelambda 3 comments

Very clean, simple looking desktop. My kind of thing, really :) I have seen the character in the background before, though I'm not sure where... (Can't help wondering where that mouse is plugged in ;) ). I am not, however, sure if I like that you've put a Windows XP icon on a character styled after an iMac ;) I was always very happy about Plastic, and the way you've decided to use it, is very pleasing to the eye. - Dec 03 2003
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

Well, the whole idea with making it themable is, that if you wish to use the current, then it should of course be possible to create a theme similar to that ;) - Nov 25 2003
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

Such a feature is on the Todo list for KDE 3.3 (see ). However, it might be a very good thing to class this as more of a 'bug-fix' as it's clearly needed to catch up with the rest of the world, so that it might be included in a later update of KDE 3.2, or possibly even the release in February. - Nov 24 2003

Wallpaper Other by jscott 9 comments

Hehe, well said :) It is a good idea, but yes, the Earth could be made better very simply :) is your friend ;) - Nov 20 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other by iamthewalrus 16 comments

Well, the simple fact that you spotted it as a 'dune' refference denoted yourself as being a 'star trek convention looser' as you so pleasantly put it ;) Also, I should like to say when you grow up and learn how to express yourself without having to bring people down, we should be happy to take your comments into consideration. Maybe you have never noticed it, but anywhere someone speaking such as yourself is portrayed, it is the little, annoying person to whom noone ever pays attention.

Thank you for your time. - Nov 07 2003
Heavenly Declaration

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 22 comments

I'm sorry for having to point this out, but you do realise that the pictures used to create this background (which by the way is really nice, Tim :) Thumbs up from this end) are from NASA's website? Or are you reffering to the way they are aranged?

I would probably say, as an aestetic little nit-bit, Tim, you might want to try to blur the border between the subject and the black background on the inset picture a bit (it distracts a bit that it's got such a sharp border on an otherwise soft motif). - Oct 27 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by VectoR 4 comments

I would say that sounded kinda like a put-down more than anything ;) However, when you submitted this, in big red letters it said that /everything/ you submit has to be in English. There is a reason for this, and I would personally like to see you keep to the guidelines for proper use of the site that you agreed to when signing up to it... Please redo in English so /everybody/ using the site can see what you're on about? Even if it's of no actual interest, people here are nosey ;) - Oct 19 2003
Doctor Who Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by beowulfs 6 comments

Pleasantly done, though I'm not sure if the sonic screwdriver should really be there... Otherwise really nice :)
You might like to know that in the newest version of the Reinhardt icon set, there's actually a PDA icon included ;) There's also more stuff like that in the next version... - Oct 12 2003
Aqua Screen

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ThEOnE 10 comments

Though, I have to say that the konq window in the middle kinda breaks it... OS X is so pleasantly pretty, because of the UI guidelines, which says (amongst myriads of other stuff) that all the applications must have an absolute minimum of buttons on any toolbar. Personally, I think that KDE could learn from this, because this is what users want :) Then, anyone who wants more can go Tools>Configure Toolbars... and add their own buttons :) That said, I voted up for it, cos that's not your fault ;) Just my two - Oct 10 2003

Ice-WM Themes by Yaba 19 comments

Just thought I'd mention that the Slicker icons aren't called that any more :) Also, yes, it's really nice what you've put together there :) I'm not sure if I would personally use it, but it looks really pleasant :) Thumbs up from this direction definately! - Oct 08 2003
got satan ?

Wallpaper Other by grep 13 comments

The technical quality of this response to Tim's stuff is appauling. It is to be compared to the very early GNOME wallpapers, all of which had jagged edges around pasted graphics and such... Now, the theme I will not comment on, but the hand you are showing there, really you must be able to do better than that. You're running Linux, use a vector program for that sort of thing! If nothing else, import it into Sodipodi and trace it. Also, the hand and the portrait do not fit eachother in style, you might want to play with that as well... - Oct 07 2003
Got Christ?

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 130 comments

Exactly the same way as Christians take non-Christian propaganda (as you might call it):
With anger (never got anyone anywhere worth going)
By ignoring it
Tollerance (the one that has seemed to work best, i.e. nobody gets hurt)

And, that said, I have to say the same as Tim himself noticed: Art is in the eye of the beholder. The technical quality is what can, and in this forum should, be discussed. This is technically ok, nothing out of the ordinary, but definately far better than many things seen here. - Oct 07 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

I rather suspect the reason is the choice of position for those icons by the program developers... I have the same problem myself with JuK and KGet and a few others, and the problem for those two at least are that the systray icons have been put in %KDEPREFIX%/share/apps/%APPNAME%/pics/ and that I thus cannot change those icons with an icon theme. The only real solution I can come up with is for the developers of those programs to put the icons in a more kde-ish place (i.e. the icon folder) so that they can be themed. I would be very happy for help with this :) - Oct 04 2003
3 colors

Wallpaper Other by Maui15 3 comments

The scripture comment was kinda in the wrong place, but I totally agree, on a Crystal desktop this would do extrodinarily well :) - Sep 30 2003
Job's Hydrology

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 25 comments

Congratulations! This is _exactly_ what I've been talking about. A design that will actually fit in the background without distracting you from your work. Even with the text, which is well done and easily falls into the background as well. Very nicely executed, you got my vote on this one :) - Sep 29 2003
Pleiades Bound, Orion Loosed

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 90 comments

Well, I will have to agree with the posts above... I may be gay, but I don't go around stuffing it down people's throats do I? There are so many much better ways of doing what you're trying to do. I have suggested it before... In stead of what you have done with this background, you could have in stead heeded the masses (i.e. look around and see what backgrounds get good marks), tried to create something to that effect, and if you really want to put the biblical reference on there, don't make it so big, it just looks plain silly. It's all fair mistakes that lots of people go through before figuring out that enormous, distracting text areas on backgrounds are a bad idea.
In short: Biblical quotes are not bad, it's just the way you have presented them lately. - Sep 23 2003
Job 26:7

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 7 comments

There ya go, that's much better :) This is much more stylish, the colours don't clash and the text itself actually seems to fit the graphic as well. This is what I was talking about before. I have voted good on this one because the quality of it is pleasant. I would probably say that the KDE logo looks out of place, but there's of course a lot of people who seem determined that they wish to show on their wallpaper that they run KDE, as if the desktop itself doesn't show it already ;) - Sep 15 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by asittler 10 comments

Initial version of... Sorry, but a description is needed, especially when you decide not to include screenshots. - Aug 31 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

I'm working on an update as we speak. This update includes a new Get Mail button (long standing hassle for many people), as well as some fixes for the other mail_reply/forward/so on icons, tonnes of app icons, text_ icons and an animation strip (the thing in the top right corner of Konqueror). Also, the Kontrol Center now has a complete set of icons (I strongly suggest the Icon view for this, not the Tree View (standard), due to the extremely detailed icons for most things) :) So yes, there will be an update :) (I'm aiming for sometime this weekend) - Aug 30 2003
What is it?

Wallpaper Other by moty66 7 comments

Interesting idea you got there. I think you need to work on the position of the upper circle/dot/thing, it seems off... But the concept itself is nice :) Now we just need to find out what it's supposed to be ;) - Aug 30 2003

Wallpaper Other by promete7 5 comments

I rather suspect that the actual wallpaper can be downloaded if you click on [download] ? - Aug 26 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

You're reffering to the Slicker Icon Set :) Even if the two have the same name because they kind of go together, they're two different things on here ;) But thanks a lot for your kind words. I have noticed the mail icons myself (and been told about them from many others as well), and I've got an idea or two I want to try out to see if it works. Watch this space (uhm, site whatever) :) - Aug 26 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

Thanks loads :) The tabs, do you mean the drop-shadow effect or the way they chosen tab is shown larger? The drop-shadow can be turned off, and the other will not be changed back, I'm afraid, as by far most people want it that way. - Aug 26 2003

Wallpaper Other by davidson 8 comments

I would tend to agree this time. Everyone will know that I do not normally support people who bitch about the wallpapers and such things posted on here about being "non-linux" or "non-kde" just because they don't have a set of gears or a penguin on them. However, this time it is a wallpaper specifically aimed at another OS than what KDE will normally run on. That said, I am aware that KDE also runs on Mac OS X, so it could of course be said that this is related as well. - Aug 20 2003
slicker Mandrake-RPM

Various Stuff by pacman 1 comment

Actually, we agreed some time ago that we would not release anything before we were a little bit closer to software that can actually be used on a daily basis. We are not there yet, and we would really like to point out that this is _not_ an official package, and does not represent the final product. We are currently in the process of redesigning most of Slicker, and as such this package was outdated before it was released. We appreciate the interest, but really, it should not be here just yet...
You are, however, welcome to visit us in #slicker at

Dan Jensen, on behalf of the Slicker Dev. Team - Aug 07 2003
KDE Box & Slicker

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by almo 3 comments

Re-used for the first time, this must mean it's good :) I have just moved country and am waiting for my things, but as soon as they show up, I will have a new set of icons ready to go up, with a few bug fixes and a load of new icons (all the Konqueror view icons, loads of applications, more devices...) - Jul 29 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 4 comments

There must be some, please throw them this way ;) Thanks for the good votes :) - Jul 07 2003
White Dots K-Menu-Sidepic

Various Stuff by sewan 9 comments

I would suggest that you remove the lower dots and move the text to the bottom, perhaps with only one dot there. The design as it is now pulls rather a lot of attention, something this should not do. Other than that, nicely done. - Jul 07 2003
White Dots K-Menu-Sidepic

Various Stuff by sewan 9 comments

I should remind you that comments like this is utterly and completely unusable. They serve nothing but to de-moralize the community. Please, when reviewing things, keep your comments to the technical quality of what you see. Personally, this is not something I would use, however I have still clicked good because the technical quality of his work is indesputable. The lines are well defined and they will fit well with a Luna (XP) style interface.

Your comment on licensing is the right idea but put in seriously the wrong way. License is important, however by putting it like that, basically he has given it away without a license. IF he changes it to a proper license then it is fine, but as it is, he has no legal claim to it (he has also put himself out of the posibility of having it included in any commercial distribution (SuSE, Mdk, RedHat...) as a result of his comment (do not charge for it), as that's what distros are supposed to do).

Thank you for your time, and please think before you write generic rants. I have read your previous comments, and most seem intelligent and relevant. Don't take your problems out on this forum, keep that on efnet or real life, where it belongs. - Jul 07 2003

Wallpaper Other by tuxbox 8 comments

Please re-read my comment above about personal taste versus technical quality... - Jun 27 2003

Wallpaper Other by tuxbox 8 comments

Nice, clean picture here. It's un-intrusive an thus technically is a very good background. I would love to see people vote on technical standard in stead of content. An eye-candy site should not support votes based on personal ideas of what makes something pretty, but in stead of the technical standard performed by the submitting artist. And please, just cos this one doesn't say KDE on it in large letters doesn't mean it's not good on a KDE desktop ;)
We've had a lot of discussion about the whole sexual content thing. Good example here of how to show a beautiful woman on a wallpaper without it being possibly against anyone's idea of PG-13 (I'm not saying her being clothed has anything to do with it, simply that it's done tastefully).
On a more technical note, it seems the picture has artifacts. If you have a higher quality version (PNG would be good, non-destructive), it would be much better. It will of course be larger, but hey, anyone wanting to download stuff off of here needs a relatively high bandwidth anyway ;) - Jun 27 2003
Ex-Bar 2 (Just design + PNGfiles)

Karamba & Superkaramba by borrocop 16 comments

Yes, Slicker is still going, though at the moment a bit slowly. We've run in to some problems with exams and such, as most of our developers are students and have had uni to contend with lately. However, we strongly hope that this will change soon (we've just had a meeting on the 21st of June, a transcript of which can be found at ). We are still VERY much interested in more developers joining us (interested? Please either join the Slicker-devel mailing list on Sourceforge, or join us at #slicker @ ). - Jun 25 2003
KDE in Space

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by stalin-iosif 5 comments

...if I may coin a phrase ;) It is a very good idea, though I personally think that it could do with slightly more work... The K seems unconnected with the gear, if you know what I mean as well as a few other smaller things. Really like that "little" space-ship docking, very shnazzy design, though it isn't the same kind of style, makes you think it's some other race or whatever :) Babylon K - Linuxdoms Last Best Hope for Something or Other ;P - Jun 24 2003
against walls

Various Stuff by dmarien 5 comments

So true. Also, I should point out that the Discussions forum is there for this exact thing (and that also, this gets brought up again and again...) - Jun 24 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments
It's still there, it's just kinda lost in all the others :) - Jun 20 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

What you describe does not make all that much sense, however the KDEDIR is almost certainly pointing to the wrong place. /usr/share/kde contains graphics and such for KDE, while the directory actually containing KDE in this case would be /usr (with the KDE binaries in /usr/bin).
Try running ./configure --prefix=/usr (and make sure that you don't get any errors reported, that would be the singular reason it reports ** no target: all when you try to run make) - Jun 13 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

Thanks for drawing my attention to this... It's actually a font included with Windows 2000 and XP, so I am afraid I will have to find a different one... here I come! :P Until then, use Helvetica. - May 29 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

Try downloading the newest version and tell me what you think :) A few days ago I uploaded version 0.1, where there is a fix for this particular problem (the buttons are now highlight when pressed). - May 29 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

There you go :)
Guidelines for creating more Slicker icons (please remember to e-mail me the .svgs for inclusion in the package, of course full credits to the artists) :) - May 28 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

Actually, all the sodipodi SVGs are already there :) They are in the ./scalable folder in the tar.bz2, just unpack it and get them from there :) But, that said as soon as I get home I will do up a little text describing exactly the dimensions and colours used in the icons :) (Until then, simply copy/paste them colours (remembering that all enclosed spaces in the icons are not transparent, but a very slight blue)). Oh, and the ends and corners on all items are rounded (the middle button on the stroke style) - May 28 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

Right, it's kind of a quick/dirty fix, but I think it's good... Tell me what you think (basically, I have simply changed the style, so that all button backgrounds are highlight-background when pressed, which of course includes the toggles) - May 27 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

There will be more :) Send me an e-mail with a list of icons you would like (plus if you find any actions and mime-types that are missing (also the .tar one, which I can't figure out how to do...)). That goes for everyone, btw :) - May 14 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

Oh well, can't win'em all, eh? :) Good luck in your quest for your perfect icon set :) (Even though I'm not so happy about you calling it ugly... Very strong word there :P ) - May 14 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

Oooh, thanks :) I hadn't noticed that, will get on to it asap :) - May 13 2003
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

If you read the descrption, I already know this, but some people were expressing an interest in the icon set used in the screenshots on the Slicker Style screenshots. This is it (so, basically, there are already a few screenshots of it, just not right here). That said, I am going to put a few screenies up later today, I had to get out yesterday (fitting this in around work isn't always equally easy ;) ). - May 13 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by liquidrock222 12 comments

I'm all for this, however I should probably point out that Slicker isn't just the taskbar ;) The taskbar in Slicker is called, tadaa, the Taskbar :) This should probably be Karamba-Slicker-Taskbar (or Karamba-SlickerTaskBar to follow the naming scheme of the post just before this one). Also, I'll just use this to say that Slicker isn't dead, there's just a lot of people doing their thing offline, coding a lot of stuff they want at least at beta quality before submitting to CVS for the world to see. This will all start to happen again the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your time, now back to your regular scheduled programme :) - May 08 2003
Amor General Assistant

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by pierrex 8 comments

Though most people I know like the "cute kitty, cos it's cute and fluffy", but that's just me and my strange friends ;) - May 08 2003
Amor General Assistant

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by pierrex 8 comments

This kinda reminds me of the User Friendly strips where Piotr has created the ultimate evil personified in a Paper Clip assistant for EMacs and VIM... That said, I think this is probably a good idea, as long as it's simply a program that you DON'T need to run, as a lot of us wouldn't want it to come up and ask "You seem to be dragging that file to the desktop, would you like to know more about dragging and dropping files?". I'm giving it a thumbs up. At least if this happens, we will have a unified clipper type app with stable code that we can decide once and for all if we want shown or not, and not a few hundred more or less dodgy implementations. - May 08 2003
The Reinhardt Style (formely Slicker)

KDE 3.5 Themes by leinir 97 comments

Yup, the icons are going to be released as a separate entity, but to go in with this style (as well as the background Slicker KDE number one in the 1600x1200 Wallpaper section). They will be called Slicker Icons (original name there, eh? ;) ). - May 06 2003