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my-humanity mono & light

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May 14 2013
Damn, you're really fast. And for my surprise it's available from the ppa already.

This is certainly the best icon theme for Ubuntu, thanks for the update. - May 12 2013
Hi there;

Do you intend to make a version that fit with radiance theme, I mean, with dark icons for in the upper bar?

It'd be awesome, many would enjoy that.

- May 11 2013
Hi there,

The icon theme itself is very good, but I wish I could have some previous icons back, just like Firefox, Chrome, Rhytmbox and Skype. I tried removing the icons from "my-humanity" theme but it didn't work. How can I have these icons back (the original ones)?

And there's a bug in the energy icon, it's too big in the dash.

In the next release you could also add the new gimp 2.8 icon.

That's it, thanks. - Dec 25 2012

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May 28 2010
be great ;) - Jun 26 2010
Ambiance Elementary Fusion

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Jun 08 2010
Thank you man, very nice. <<< My desktop.
:D - Jun 26 2010
Victory Gtk Theme

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Jul 22 2018

Its theme is cool, but OpenOffice does not work! (Even using the terminal)

Please, see this theme:

1. You can use this scrollbar, it works in OpenOffice and it's very nice! More beautiful even than the elementary scrollbar.

2. You can make two versions of your theme, a "Light" (with the white panel) and "Dark" (with the black panel, like the Ambience theme).

3. Join the 3 buttons in the corner of the window only (preferably the left :P)

Oh yeah and you know when you go to Applications> Internet> Firefox and stayed with the mouse on it? It appears the program description. So now do this using the theme from the link above and see the difference, is far more beautiful. You can do the same in your theme.

I really liked how the name of the icons appear on desktop using your theme, it was really cool. If you do what I suggested I'm sure your theme will come close to perfection. I joined this site just to comment on. :)

I hope the next update. - Jun 25 2010
my-humanity mono & light

Individual Icons/-sets

Score 70%
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Dec 25 2012