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Denis Savenko Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Breeze Serie for Righties

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Jun 26 2016
Thank you very much from all Russian community ! ^_^ - Jun 14 2016
Thank you for you reply and reupload. MediaFile block by reason of child porn. Usual cloud storage, like GDrive, DropBox and etc. works fine. You link fork fine too. - Jun 13 2016
Thank you for awesome work! But can you get some other link for download? In Russia MediaFile has banned and your files we can't download. I know about TOR and etc, but some people don't know how use it. And if use kde system settings your and many other files don't installing and write - "File not found" and users can't see that filehosting banned. - Jun 08 2016
Solarized Light Flat

Yakuake Skins 3 comments

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Jun 03 2018
Thank you for awesome job! I use it like terminal with preinstalled tabs with my editor and it's looks like native path of my editor. So smooth! Thank you!!! - Jun 09 2016