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Oct 03 2007
It's been on hold. I have moved over to xfce, since I found the earlier kde 4.0 a pain to use. I will start getting KClock working on kde 4..

Bob - Nov 23 2009
Great idea, many thanks for the changes, I will drop it in on the next release.

- Apr 10 2009
Hi Christian

It looks like the version of ImageMagick you have installed on your system does not have the libpng library files. You may need to reinstall ImageMagick. See the posting below for more information:


- Sep 13 2008
Here are the instructions to install KClock or any other superkaramba theme.

  • Download and install superkaramba from Once superkaramba is installed:

  • Download and unzip the theme archive. You can put it in any directory you want.

  • Run superkaramba, select "Open Theme", and open the .theme file from wherever you unzipped the theme archive.

  • The orginal instructions above can be found by on this page by clicking on the 'how to install' link to the right hand side of the 'Download Source' link. - Aug 26 2008
    Many thanks for the feedback and path fix.

    I will put this in for the next release.

    - Jan 17 2008

    The current download gives all the images in svg format. You can then use Inkscape to export these svg images to any size or resolution png files.

    - Jan 17 2008
    You may be having a problem with the pytz library, this library provides the timezone information and time.

    The best way to find out is to run superkaramba and kclock.theme in a console window.

    This will display any errors that have occured.

    Bob - Nov 22 2007
    This web system does not allow me to reply to your last post...

    So to fix your error...

    The reason you get the error is that KClock is trying to load a non existent clock style. If this is the first time you are running KClock then it defaults to the 'Chrome' style. So you should have the folder '..../KClock/styles/Chrome'. You should also have the '.../KClock/styles' folder as well.

    I have uploaded a newer version, 1.2e. This new version will try to load in the current or default style, if for some reason the style is not available it will automatically read in the first clock style avaliable in the 'styles' folder.

    Bob - Oct 18 2007
    You said in your post that you downloaded the 'c' version (you may have done a typo). So if not, you need to download the current 1.2d version.

    - Oct 17 2007
    Ideally you should be running KClock using python version 2.5.

    I have uploaded a new version 1.2d.

    The KClock version 1.2d does not have the '()' in line 10 of I think you are getting this syntax error because their is a bug/feature in python 2.4 that does not allow an empty '()' after the class name.

    Please download the new version, then install and restart SuperKaramba

    - Oct 15 2007
    which version of python do you have installed? - Oct 14 2007
    Oooh this looks odd..

    the nearest I got to recreating this error is by deliberately adding an illegal character at the begining of the line. e.g. a '*'. So I then get the error result ..

    sys.path.insert(0, '/home/bob/KClock/Karamba/KClock/')
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/home/bob/KClock/Karamba/KClock/", line 16, in <module>
    from AppLibFinder import AppLibFinder
    File "/home/bob/KClock/Karamba/KClock/", line 10
    *class AppLibFinder():
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    I do not think python would give the reserved word 'class' as a syntax error, unless your python is so old that it does not support classes or your python installlation is messed up or kclock installation files are corrupted.

    So to fix this you may need to do the following:

    1. Download the kclock .gz file again and re-install kclock
    2. make sure that your version of Python is 2.5 or higher
    3. you may need to re-install python again

    - Oct 08 2007
    Guess what .. it's a bug for non pyqt users when they try and change the timezone.

    I have uploaded a fix for this in version 1.2c.

    If it still does not work then please send me the console output of superkaramba when you change the timezone.

    - Oct 07 2007
    To install pytz manually for kclock only you can do the following:

    1. download and expand the pytz tar ball pytz-2006p.tar.gz

    2. go to the new folder pytz-2006p

    3. move the folder 'pytz' over to the kclock/libs folder.

    4. you should now have a folder ..'kclock/libs/pytz'

    5. restart kclock and/or superkaramba

    - Oct 07 2007
    I have now found the bug, I was using the PIL library when you do not have it installed. Please download version 1.2b to fix this..
    - Oct 05 2007
    What is the error message?

    If it is the same error message then you are probably still have the older 1.2 version installed. If it is a different error message then please send me the error text when you run superkaramba from the console.

    - Oct 05 2007

    I have uploaded a newer version called 1.2a.

    This new version has the bug fix.

    The only file I changed in the version 1.2a is

    - Oct 04 2007
    Oops , sorry for that.. I did not set up the variable RSVG_VERSION for non rsvg users...

    Many thanks for reporting & spoting the bug, I have now uploaded a newer version.


    Bob - Oct 03 2007
    It just so happens I am working on timezones for the next version..

    Also a new conifuration dialog box for the people with PyQt (this will replace and expand on the 'Select Styles' dialog box.

    Using the new dialog box you can set the timezone, have an optional bit of text below the clock showing the timezone, this timezone text can be hidden or changed to anything you like.

    Without PyQt you can just change the timezone of the clock.

    - Sep 25 2007
    Your'e welcome.

    I am working on the next version to allow for larger size clocks without loss of quality and the ability to have package system for extra clock styles.

    So any new clock styles can then be packaged up into a file. (I will be including the package build script in the next version). This package file can then instal the new clock style directly from the KClock menu.

    - Sep 16 2007
    I will incease the size of the images on the next version to 200x200. I was looking into seeing if this widget could use the svg source files to draw the clocks at any size, and so you would not get this problem. But to do this you would need to have Inkscape installed or a decent svg render/converter to png - Sep 13 2007