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Jul 21 2017
Hi, could you paste your script and I could try to guess what is happening?
- Jan 28 2018
No, I think it will be easy. By now, I have just released the 0.3! - Mar 22 2017
Correct. Not in the lines before "---". A workaround is to use an UTF-8 icon character (which is ugly I know!) - Mar 22 2017
thank you! The next version (0.3) will have more improvements to the desktop placement version. In addition, In desktop, what you see is all the contents you see when you click it it in the task bar (the pop-up that appears) - Mar 22 2017
Yes. Following the bitbar standard, all lines before the line with "---" will "rotate". The plugins I use to develop it was always:

In this case, you will see all the contents: the first line in the task bar, and the remaining if you do clic on it.

However, I am implementing the standard, I will update it in the next hours.... - Mar 22 2017