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Maxime Paquin
Dual Taste (Mac-ish version)

Full Icon Themes 21 comments

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Sep 09 2010
Beautiful theme, but I've got no image for the folders in Firefox. do you know what to do? - Sep 01 2010
GNOMErunner for Mozilla Seamonkey 2.0a

Various Gnome Stuff 10 comments

by mld
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Jan 05 2011
Thanks for taking the time to answer!!

I didn't see that you were using a development version. Tried it with the alpha build of seamonkey and everything is perfect now!

Great to have seamonkey that look like the rest of my desktop now! ;)

Thanks a lot - Oct 29 2008
How can I use this? Clicked on it but when I accept to install it, it shows me "installation script not found" - Oct 28 2008