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Sebastian Wolff
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
KPager2 for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 176 comments

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Mar 31 2005
Thanks for your cooperational replies! If you have any problems with the software, I posted it here to get 'constructive' comments and suggestions. There have been a lot and I tried to include the requested features as well any bug fixes.

Right now you are trolling around and don't give any details at all. Do it somewhere else, please.

Btw: How did you find any memory leaks, if it doesn't compile? - Oct 16 2004
I don't experience the leak here.

As already stated earlier, please give me more information about the applications you are using. (Konqu. KHTML, KWebGet, OpenGL apps, kuake...) Additionally, I am not able to list the memory usage of KapplettProxy (kicker only) - how can I tell top or ksysguard to do that?

regards - Oct 13 2004
Hmmm. I was thinking about 3ddesktop. But for me, it is still too unstable. I hope somebody will integrate 3ddesktop into KWin - would be much better.

The box around the icons... Well, yeah... Hmmm.... - Oct 13 2004
Hmmm. I didn't have this problem here. Indeed, kicker needs longer to start. KPager2 is quite the worst resource eating kicker applet around, that's why. What if you simply kill kicker (Using the KWin key combination Ctrl+Alt+Esc+Mouseclick), restart kicker again and measure the time difference in having kpager2 and not having it. If it is really this applet that's causing your trouble - try to compile it in non-debug mode - ... - or buy a new computer :)

I am interested in your measurements.

Regards - Sep 29 2004
1) shaded windows.
At least enable/disable shading is detected. shaded windows are not displayed. First it is too small on a pager (do you like to see a 1px wide line?). Second I use the window geometry without window decoration. I tried to detect the window decoration, but I experienced a few crashes doing that (there had been a bug in kwin, somewhere)

2) thumbnail sizes
I'll make it configurable

3) show all windows option
The task menu alrady shows all windows if you enable only one desktop. The problem about this feature is that a real taskbar can scroll if there are too many items (even if grouping is enabled), a popup menu can't do that. Hence too many items in the popupmenu would make the pager quite unusable.
I'll make it configurable. - Sep 27 2004

How do you track the memory usage of appletproxies? top as well as ksysguard show kicker only. hmm. (using suse9.0) - Sep 23 2004
Boah! Somebody IS using the pager as a taskmanager! I didn't expect that there is somebody else. Great! - Sep 23 2004
Interesting. I didn't experience this here. Can you send me the whole configuration of kpager2 and can you tell me which other applets you use?

Thanks - Sep 23 2004
check out 0.5.2! - Sep 22 2004
Thanks for testing! good to hear that.

Sorry for the freezing. You need to disable the window dragging or set it to 'just set desktop' The problem is that it moves the window actually and everytime a complete redraw is made. - Sep 21 2004
Hey, this is almost SPAM :)

Please, edit the file kpagermainwin.moc.cpp as stated in the announcement. Then run make again. - Sep 17 2004
Are you sur that you edited the file kpagermainwin.moc.cpp like stated in the instructions? - Sep 17 2004
Please, read the instructions at the top of this page. - And everything will be fine...

Regards - Sep 17 2004

Ups. That was what i hoped to fix...! Well. Can you try to do the following?

Find out if it happens if
o you click an empty desktop,
o a desktop containming windows (but no window), or
o a window

Then, please find out the rc file in .kde for that applet and set
o showLauncher=false (case sensitive!)
Then tell me how it reacts on the three prompts listed above.

Thanks - Sep 16 2004
I solved a crash that appears from time to time when loading the applet in 0.5.1

But that doesn't mean that it is the bug you reported.

The warning messages that appear on konsole are regular debugging messages of KPager2 (to track some bugs in KWin and Kicker that I discovered).

Please, if you experience any crashes, report the version and the FULL debug output (found in KDE's crash notification dialog).

If you find any bugs (no crashes), please discribe the wrong behaviour and the behaviour wherein you believe how it should be. - Sep 16 2004
done in 0.5.1 - Sep 16 2004
The files kpagermainwin.* are obsolete. The class is still provided for the case that I want to make kpager2 a standalone app again (and I will need it then).

Either you remove the moc file and run autotools again, or just remove the files from the project.

Best regards - Sep 14 2004
Sorry, I don't :(

Try to open the kdevelop project and use the reconfigure tools.

Or just create a new project and add all source files in directory /kpager2.

just an idea - Sep 13 2004
ouch! (again)

It worked fine for me. Since this problem occured the first time I do a test, extract the archive in a directory, named randomly, and run ./configure.

Try 0.4.1

Best regards
Sebastian - Sep 13 2004
works fine for me... - Sep 12 2004
wish included in 0.3.3 - Sep 12 2004

I produced an output of 10k, just to follow all function calls and returns - but now I got it - hopefully.

Please, go on with testing. I want to make it perfectly stable before the kicker port. - Sep 12 2004

The ASSERT seems to appear whenever a window has been closed, but only sometimes. As long as I couldn't find its origin (and I am seeking for its origin since version 0.2) I can't integrate it into an important app like kicker since it would block kicker, too. - Sep 11 2004
I've uploaded the latest development snapshot from today.

Just do the following:

Ignore wrong dates and times.
Skip wrong files when you extract.
Copy files from kpager2/share to kpager2.


It seems that the packaging tool of kdevelop3.1 changed. Really funny. With each major release kdevelop becomes more unusable. (I upgraded last week). Today I wanted to change the development directory from kpager2-0.3.2 to kpager2-0.3.3. It took me 4 hours to repair the Autmake options and other project files. I simply don't know what they are doing. Even removing files from the project doesn't work properly. KDevelop just forgot to put the necessary files into the tar (or both of us are expected to be linux-newbies).

Best regards - Sep 10 2004

Well, the reason for the time problem could be that my laptop believes, a day has 19:47 hours.

The broken links will be removed in 0.3.3.

And the rest, well...

Maybe you try to open the project file in via KDevelop?

For me it works fine - SuSE 9.0, gcc3.3 - Sep 10 2004
Now I understand. kpager2 0.3.1 was not resizable on kde3.3. I changed the NET state from NET::Tool to NET::Utility which made 0.3.2 resizable again, even on KDE3.3. - Sep 10 2004
Please vote for this bug, too:

It regards to the wallpapers that can not be read by kpager at startup. (it works only, if there is a common desktop). - Sep 10 2004
Well, that's true. I believed it would be more user friendly to let the user decide about the new size of the pager window.

Since I want to make it a kicker applet in the future, I don't know if your wish creates any trouble with that. Let me think about it.

Regards - Sep 10 2004
To make KPager2 better, please vote for this bug:

It basically says that it should be possible to drag a window from kicker's taskbar to the pager.

Thanks - Sep 10 2004
Well. It is not possible. Only drag objects can be moved to the pager. how should KWin know when it has to send a drag object?

Well, what is possible, is to send a window from the task manager (from kicker, eg.) to the pager.

please vote for this bug report I filed: - Sep 10 2004
Interesting idea. Let me see if there is a taskmanager around that supports this and I will 'borrow' some code. - Sep 02 2004
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 201 comments

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Mar 28 2005
I believe this is not a problem with the taskbar, but with the fonts you are using. (I don't have any problems here). It's just that the font will be bold for active tasks. If other tasks (inactive or minimized) are almost unreadable, change the taskbar font in the control center. - Sep 29 2004
I know. I planned something like this. But that would need some changes in the layout which would break compatiblity with the original taskbar. I will collect these suggestions and will file a bug report for the taskbar. - Sep 29 2004
Ouch. that's true, indeed - I was already thinking about redundant thumbnails in kpager2. But: How to do that?

PS: Your bug concerning dragndrop - I can't reproduce it here. - Sep 29 2004
The option is named 'enable text glow'. maybe I should change it to 'shadow'... - Sep 27 2004

I need to check that issue. Originally I just inherit the old taskbar classes. Why don't I inherit the dragndrop thing? Ok. Right now I compile against kde3.2 (but Ii belioeved they alrady had that).

??? ...many question signs... ??? - Sep 27 2004
it's not possible with the underlying taskbar classes. When switching desktops from A to B that items of A will be hidden, the others will be shown. A fade-out would invoke an overfull taskbar during desktop switching - just imagine you would already switch to desktop C before the fade-out animation is finished! You would have a flicker for all 3 desktops in your taskbar, including continuous relayouting. - Sep 27 2004
Due to X11 limitations (without using the xorg thing) it is only possible to take screenshots of the actual screen and to crop the windows from there. A continuous update is not possible unless it is the active window (doesn't work in 'focus on mouse hover' mode, only in 'focus on click'). Whenever XCompMgr becomes default I might integrate it, such that we have at least a new thumbnail every 20 seconds.

Sometimes when taking the screenshot X is too slow to redraw the opened window. Hence I take a screenshot when the windows is not yet painted - a wrong one. Therefore, I introduced a short delay of 50 msec to let X draw. This methods is working in most cases. Sometimes, however, X is still too slow or in the other case the user is too fast in switching between windows and the screenshot is takien too late.

There is no chance too make it better right now. Later - sure. If it is distracting I recommend to disable the feature for the next 18 months. ;-) - Sep 27 2004
thanks :) - Sep 24 2004
Yes, it is possible - principally.

You only need to use a QLayout class and set some stretch factors for the widgets to layout. The taskbar however lays out its buttons without using a layout - the positions of the buttons are statically fixed. Without changing the taskbar too much I am not able to implement your wish. (I mean: Just imagine we would use a QLayout - I could make smooth fading animations where a button is moving from outwards and growing in size).

The missing layout was the reason for the transparency bug. Things like setBackgroundOrigin(AncestorsOrigin), setBackgroundModE(x11ParentRelative) and even mapToParent did not work at all. I had to copy the background of the parent widgets manually.
One example that Qt is still far away from perfect.

Best regards - Sep 24 2004
Well, you can chose between button text color and background color. I believe, the choice of these two is wise. Like I said: In my opinion KDE has to move from 'hard coded' settings to adaptable settings.

With my choice you can select bright and dark text, following the current color theme. Isn't that enough?

Best regards
Sebastian - Sep 23 2004
Please, report if it is solved in 0.5. If so: Which style do you use? Which transparency config? - Sep 23 2004
Hmmm. I can't reproduce this. Anyway. I just upload a new archive. - Sep 23 2004
I changed the shadows in a way that even you might like them :)

What I'd like is if applets like the menu or the clock would support the same decent shadow. I hate it to change all the text colors for each applet after applying a new wallpaper or color theme. Why don't you simply patch them? I am certain, you will - for the sake of consistency. :)> - Sep 23 2004
I know.

But I believe that adding YET ANOTHER option to KDE ... Well, you know. I was thinking of taking the Shadow Engine of KDesktop and draw a white frame for dark textcolor or a black frame for a bright text color around the text. But for me, this is not only a little complicated. It is also unnecessary as long as the transparent menu applet doesn't have this feature, too. better a consistant look - my opinion. - Sep 21 2004
I'll try my best:

1/ there is already only one global instance. Maybe I should use a setHidden instead of a hide(0 since the animation works with a QTimer::singleShot(SLOT(update())

2/ See at the top. I am not good enough to solve this issue.

3/ Do you mean a real 'frame' around the whole taskbar or the button background? The buttons as well as the frame are configurable now. The button background should only be visible on mouse hover and click since 0.1

4/ It probably would allow it. Just give it a QTimer and set the button background transparency following a counter.

5/ I know. Had the same issue in kpager0.5.1. Solved in 0.3 and in 0.5.2, respectively.

6/ buttos backgrounds as well as frames are drawn following the current style. What I expereienced iss that new styles are NOT applied to all kicker applets until restart of kicker (again a bug in panner or fittslawframe?)

7/ Well, it actually inherits the old taskbar applet. Hence it has the same functionality and could pprobably distributed together or as a replacement.

8/ Well, that would be cool, indeed. But this is beyond my ability.

9/ You can disable it now. I still don't know why it freezes. It sometimes does in kpager2, too. But it's working well with kasbar, for example. Suggestions? - Sep 21 2004
What do you mean exactly?
It is transparent if kicker is transparent. Else it is flat. That's not configrable. The configuration is the same like in the original taskbar. I didn't change anything.

Do you like configure that the buttons aren't even visible on mousehover?

Regards - Sep 19 2004
I believe I should say why I did it like that:

I don't like Apples taskbar very much. I believe it is inefficient. I can't work with it - maybe someone wlse will do the work on that.

the taskbar items are still buttons. and they behave like buttons. In my opinion, the user should at least get a hint of what the taskbar items are - hence they will look like buttons on mouse hover and they will look like buttons if they are pressed. I believe that's fine. The good thing with user wishes is: As long as I am the programmer - 'I' decide what's done... :)

However. Stay tuned - There will be some animation stuff like I did in kpager2. - Sep 17 2004
Interesting - not on mine...

There are only two ways to show the button frames: either the mouse hovers on it or the task demands attention.

I can't reproduce you bug on my machine. - no unwanted frames at all. - Sep 17 2004
Nicer xorg 6.8 shadow

Various Stuff 17 comments

by manor
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Sep 11 2004
what about zuxez who developed the kwin dropshadows? As he pointed out (see ) he is going to write his own xcompmgr from scratch since the xorg manager has a lot of design issues.

just a thought - Sep 11 2004