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Mojave CT icons

Full Icon Themes 260 comments

Score 87.2%
Mar 29 2020
The Opera Icon looks too pixelated. Aside from that its all good. - Jul 26 2018
La Capitaine

Full Icon Themes 173 comments

Score 81.4%
Feb 17 2019
If you are trying to install this in Plasma/KDE and getting the "file is not a valid icon theme archive" error. Do this: unpack the tar.gz file into ~/.local/share/icons/, open a terminal, go to ~/.local/share/icons/ and run the ./configure script from there. Than, just go to settings, apperance, icons and the icon theme shold show up there for selection.

P.S. This should be on the read-me file. - Jan 31 2018

SDDM Login Themes 6 comments

Score 67.1%
Jul 19 2019
When using this theme a virtual keyboard fills the whole screen. Is this an expected behavior? Can I disable this? I'm running this on Openuse Tumbleweed. - Jan 02 2018