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Maarten Pelgrim
Hyper Plank Theme

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Nov 16 2016
what is the icon theme in the picture? - Nov 17 2016
Flat Remix ICON theme

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May 14 2020
I noticed in some pictures that there is also a version with dark panel icons. Where can I find those?

Would love to use that with a light window theme like Irradiance - Apr 02 2016

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Jan 21 2020
replaced css file, its working now, thanks! - Oct 30 2015
According to google drive I need permission to access to file
- Oct 30 2015
Just downloaded 7.2. Screen settings seem to be working fine.

system settings work fine in 7.3, but I just noticed that the icon in the main menu was missing for 7.2. - Oct 30 2015
Here you go:

- Oct 30 2015
I have no idea what your email adress is.

Where can I find it? - Oct 30 2015
How can I send you a screenshot? That would probably make things a lot clearer. - Oct 30 2015
Hi everybody,

First of all: great theme!

I'm using cinnamon in ubuntu 14.04. When entering the screen settings (for example when using mutiple screens) most settings are invisible. I can only see the dropdown menu for rotation.

Anybody got a clue?

Again, theme is really great!

MPE - Oct 30 2015

GTK3 Themes
by elbullazul

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9   Oct 30 2015