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Art Taylor , Canada
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Openbox Themes Feb 25 2010
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RGS - Root Green Square

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Jul 03 2008
Decided to upload it: - Jul 03 2008
It's a custom massive, 12MB poorly organized, pixmap icon theme which tries to preserve the gnome-2 original icon style with the new icon naming spec. I keep trying to weed out all the Tango/New GNOME I find because (flame warning) I HATE TANGO. It has NO CONTRAST and it's as if the point of the theme is TO MAKE ALL ICONS LOOK THE SAME. Most of the icons are from gperfection2, but that theme doesn't work very well now-a-days because of the introduction of the standardized icon naming spec. - Jul 03 2008
Hopefully. now that gnome-2.18 is out, you should be able to tweak colours on your own :)

Aerials is close to what you request. It is what I got the black idea from, but uses blue.

Although, I do have a blue one I'm fiddling with. Watch out for it. - Mar 15 2007
Uhhh... why did the previous comment apear twice? - Feb 27 2007
I lifted that background from I believe that the original (and saddly low resolution) version is - Feb 27 2007
I lifted that background from I believe that the original (and saddly low resolution) version is - Feb 27 2007
I got the "edges" font from the artwiz-alexczapka font package ( . I'm not to up-to-date on my distros (I run my own completely custom compiled system... yeah, wouldn't reccomend it) but I know ubuntu has a package for this, just search for artwiz. You might have to edit you fontconfig files as the artwiz fonts are bitmap fonts, which fontconfig hides in preference of vector fonts... or you may not have to.

As for the tray icons... I have no idea, as far as I can tell, you can't accurately (Request to developers?). Thus my "system notification area" is at the right of my bottom panel, which isn't transparent, while most every other applet is in my top panel, which is transparent. There seems to be a trend no-a-days to write tray-applets rather than actually applets, which leaves me in dismay. - Oct 31 2006
Thanks - Sep 13 2006
Garden Gnome

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Oct 16 2007
Why is this getting voted down? It's the first clever thing I've seen here for a while. - Oct 16 2007