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Mo Sizlac

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Mar 01 2011
Hey. I've spent all day reading that topic about this theme on the Italian forum. And I don't speak Italian, so I used Google translate. I still have this problem with the bottom being screwed up. I got conky installed, I got the launchers working but the conkys are not right, see here:

I read on that forum how to move those little triangular things by editing the bottom file

notifywet2.png, notifymem2.png, notifycal2.png

I also read how to move the actual conkys by editing x-gap in the notify files. I changed the x-gap values to move the conkys but once I close and reopen a conky, the changes are gone and it's offset again.
Plus the calendar's background doesn't show up and I don't know why.
Can you please please help me? - Jan 26 2011
ok well, I guess that was my fault cause I had edited the paths so as to point to '~/Conky/Notify/notifywet.png' instead of '~/Conky/Notify/notifywet2.png' etc because I noticed there are no 'notify...2.png' files. I undid that and now it looks fine. Of course now I get the following error

Conky: Unable to load image '/home/isi/Conky/Notify/notifywet2.png'

Oddly I don't get the error for notifymem2 and notifycal2 even though those aren't there either.
- Jan 25 2011
I'm totally in love with this theme. Unfortunately it looks wrong on my desktop. I'm working on the conky part and this is what I get:

Haven't tried to make it clickable yet or taken care of the forecast and email because the bottom looks so odd and I'd like to fix that first. My resolution is 1280 x 800. Not sure what I did wrong, I changed the resolution in the bottom file, any ideas? - Jan 25 2011
brawnee theme

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Dec 14 2007
well, I renamed the file and double clicked. Emerald theme manager opened but the theme wasn't there. I also tried to import it but nothing happens. I tried other themes and they worked. Then I checked the emerald/themes folder and there is a brawnee folder but it's empty. - Feb 20 2010
ok I don't get it. I get either a gzip file, a tar file or a tar.bz2 file. None of which does anything productive if renamed to .emerald - Feb 17 2010

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by alecive

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9   Jan 25 2011