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David OLIVARES La Ciotat, France
Ambiance -aero or win3-7 you`ll decide

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Jan 05 2015
Hi everyone. I want to thanks bluedxca93 for his help. This guy worked hard to solve the bug with the new Nemo version and now this fantastic theme works on last Mint 17.2 and thanks to his work, despite it appears unbelievable, I'll keep my job ! Yes, this theme save my job because in the place I'm working, thanks to this theme and other stuff, I will boost many old computers with Linux and people will not notice the difference with the Windows OS they're used to. Thanks to this possibility, I've been confirmed to be employed again on October to do that work : recycle some computers with Linux tuned to Windows 7.

I know some people doesn't agree with that but I prefer this way instead of watching people staying on Windows or changing the hardware for best performance. Thanks to Linux, my employer will save money and with this money, I'll have a work.

Lesson for everyone : even the tiniest thing that people are doing here can have impressive impact. Hope this help some of you to continue your work even if you think it's not worth it.

Many thanks my friend.
- Jul 08 2015
Hello... many thanks for your answer. Nautilus was installed because needed by Fyriousmount. I've both uninstalled and problem is the same.

In Linux Mint 17.1 fresh updated to 17.2 when Icons are selected with mouse on desktop, they turn in black. There was no problem with Mint 17.1 but now, this problem is only solved then I use mint control theme. All is working perfectly but when I use ambiance and all other aero theme for "control" this bug is present.

I first thought the themes needed to be updated to the new Mint version but perhaps it is just a new Mint bug...

I'm trying to send you a screen copy of the problem...

What a pity is having to solve a colour bug just in hope to keep my work ! Sorry to borrow you with that.

- Jul 08 2015
This theme is a must have for people like me because I use it to help many people to switch to Linux without being disturbed by the design of this OS. Not that it is worse but just different.

But since last mint update, selected icons are loosing colours and turn into black. Could you just update your theme please ?

I've been working in teaching area in France and now I'm out of work. Perhaps this theme will help me to keep my work because if I can help my team to recycle old computers that will be more powerful with Linux, I could be employed again on September.

I was the official French translator of the Win2-7 Pack and contributed with many pics and other things for the Pack. Now it's me that need help. I hope I will get yours. Thanks for all.

David. - Jul 07 2015
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
Hi everybody,

I was using for a long time the Win 2-7 Pack for my computer store. I gave help with french translation and thanks to this pack, many of my customers switched to Linux without noticing they left windows. For many reasons, I had to give up my company and return to school to become teacher because I didn't earn money enough to survive.

Now I have some school project with my future students and don't give up making Linux discovery to always more people.

I found this link and I'm very happy since it explain how to make Mate looks like Windows 7 like the Win 2-7 pack do since it is based on this pack.

I think my friend will be able to do a script for us.

Here is the link :

It is in Spain language but Enjoy !

David. - Jan 23 2014
Hello !

Here are some interresting links :

First, the fork of Gnomenu working on Linux Mint 14 with Mate (not the deb but the tar.gz file)

Second, the DockbarX PPA working for Mate :

And last link, a tutorial to install Emerald for last Mint distro :

So ! I think that Win2-7 Pack for which I made all the french translation and some Gnomenu french Themes could reborn and give to new Linux a nice look.

Please help me to update the pack. - Dec 21 2012
I tryed this version of the pack and it works perfectly except for wine. Script seems not to detect wether wine is installed or not on fresh Ubuntu 10.10 installation. Script still freeze on Wine setup and if I install wine before with its ppa, the script does not detect it as already installed. So now, I skip wine installation and all is ok.

But there is a second mistake that I can't bypass : There is no choice for browser icon and Firefox icon is like Internet Explorer.

Please allow user to choose between Firefox original icon and Internet explorer icon for the firefox browser again.

I don't understand why Firefox icon is replaced by defaut with Internet explorer icon. Firefox succed enough now for near 50 % of French users that choosed it instead Internet explorer so why making people confused ?

Whatever, Thanks a lot for all the work.... keep the line ! - Feb 23 2011
Sorry but I don't sell Linux because it is free. But you know that... because your goal is only to annoying us until Anger overwhelms the team... you must be so bored to do this.

In fact the only thing that is clear is that you are like the H of Hawaii, you are useless.

But you win... I've loosed some time to read your answer and writing this message. I hope these one will be the last but I'm sceptical. Anyway this one will definitively be the last from me to you.

Have a good day... mine is nice despite your attempt to spoil it. - Jul 21 2010
The only thing insolent here is your message.

I'm computer reseller and make the French translation of the pack and report bug.

Every day, I convince many people to try Linux because thanks to this pack, users can work in the same environment that the one they are used to.

First they discover that Linux can rock like windows do. Me and many of my customers, after a fresh installation of Linux, think that it looks like a 20 years old desktop.

Second, they don't have to loose time for adaptation in a new environment since it is nearly the same. After, the customers are free to switch to the theme they like...

For this reasons, I sell many computers with Linux inside and before this pack I had no success. Take it for told : many people don't move to Linux because they are afraid to switch to a new system that is different from Windows. My customers are some times very old and it is hard to change the way they are used to work on computer.

So everyone is free to like or dislike this work but if you don't like it, please, just go away and leave us alone ! We are working hard for it and we only need encouragement and nothing else.

And please don't loose time to answer this message because I loose mine enough to write this and don't want to loose any more to read insolent answers.

- Jul 21 2010
I didn't verify if the sound theme is here but when I try to select this sound theme in the list it does not appears like other Win7 menu and icons.

Thanks to work on this. - Jul 12 2010
Hello !

I've tryed the last version of the pack and...

Time format for Non English Languages is still set to MM/DD/YYYY instead of DD/MM/YYYY

Gnomenu is not added to the panel and we have to do it.

Same thing for DockbarX : Browser, file manager and rhythmbox are on the panel but windows buttons are classic. When we add DockbarX, these icons are doubled and we have to remove 3 of them.

I've tryed to use the makeexpress switch but I didn't succed. I have open a terminal in the Pack Folder and type --makeexpress but it returns the command is not found. I need some help to use this switch.

I have noticed that the sound pack I sent to you for the Gnomenu Theme is still not included.

I've noticed some missing translation in french so I will check again the file and I will send it to you.

For the rest great job. - Jul 08 2010
Hello !

I've noticed something boring me : after pack installation, the date format is English : MM/JJ/AAAA. In French we are used to JJ/MM/AAAA. So could you add an option to choose that on next version because it is hard to change it and I didn't find how in Ubuntu Lucid.

Thanks ! - Jun 26 2010

I need to make some corrections to the French translation since I noticed that I sometimes forgot to delete English words and need to make best translations for other words. So Send me the file so that I check it.

Thanks ! - Jun 25 2010
Hello !

I've tried the new version for a customer and when I run a command in console, I get this :

/usr/share/themes/Win2-7Murrine-Aero/gtk-2.0/Styles/panel:19: Incapable de localiser le fichier image dans le chemin des pixmaps : « Panel/PanelBasicx.png »

This mean : unable to find the picture file in the pixmaps folder : Panel/PanelBasicx.png

Thanks to have a look !

- Jun 25 2010
Hello !

I just have installed the pack on a customer's computer and all goes well except this :

I leave the check-box checked for both fusion-icon and emerald installation but none was installed and I had to do it manualy.

Gnomenu and DockbarX were installed but not push to the bottom panel.

In my french translation, there should be a bug because the text about the OAFIID warning does not appear, only the icon does.

When I open a terminal window, there is an error about "Panel/PanelBasicx.png" missing in "Win2-7Murrine-Aero/gtk-2.0/Styles/Panel:19".

Now I would suggest some improvements : It would be nice if we could have choice about the emerald decorator and Gnomenu theme during install.

And last thing : When the recycle bin is shown on the desktop, the label is "Recycle bin" but in french it is labelled "Corbeille". So I think there is a thing to do in translation so that this could be done automatically.

I just conclude with big congratulations for the work ! You cannot imagine how many time this Pack save me !!!! It's always a pleasure ! And I like my French translation ! - Jun 14 2010
I have nothing to reply on this ! Just that you're a really good guy and be sure I'll will help you as long as you need and I can.

Many thanks for all your work since I didn't realise how much time it takes to you ! It tooks me near a day for the huge translation but my work is nothing compared to yours.

And thanks again for the gas, I'm going to test 5.3 this afternoon.

Sometimes, I think I rather close my mouth instead of writing some stupid things like I did.... even it was a joke ! - Jun 14 2010
Thanks for the 5.2 Hotfix but The 5.3 is here so I will download both of them in case of problem with 5.3. Many thanks ! You fix faster than I translate !

I am little afraid about 5.4 and the works I'll have to translate ! When do you stop the development ? Don't you think it is enough today if all works ?

- Jun 13 2010
What's the matter with 5.2 ? I have downloaded this version without testing as usual since I never encountered any problem and deleted the old one. But I need an operational script for my customers before Monday !!!!

Hurry up please or upload the old working version !

Sometimes, more it is simple, more it works ! ;-)
- Jun 12 2010
Hello Dart... as you told me, it is a huge work but please, next time don't use french translation engine because it takes me more time to understand bad french and translate it to good french than just translate goog english. I have to bypass some words because they don't mean anything.

So wait some days and I'll give you my work ! - May 28 2010
Hello everybody ! I have downloaded the file for french translation from Dart00 and this is a huge work since many parts have already been bad translated with translation engine and I have to do it again from start. So stay tuned and wait some days because I actually can not sacrify a couple of days for that work and can only work sometimes after work in the week.

Salut tout le monde ! J'ai téléchargé le fichier pour la traduction française de Dart00 et c'est un travail énorme puisque beaucoup de paragraphes ont été mal traduits avec des moteurs de traduction et que je dois tout reprendre depuis le début. Donc surveillez le forum et attendez quelques jours car je ne peux pas sacrifier deux jours consécutifs à ce travail mais ne peut y consacrer que quelques heures après le boulot durant la semaine. - May 23 2010
Some mistakes correction in my sentence...

Very useful work for me because as I told you before, I'm computer reseller and thanks to your work, customers are more ready to try Linux and get rid of viruses ! - May 13 2010
Merci pour ton aide mais je suis au top pour les traductions. C'est moi qui ai traduit Gnomenu. Je proposais juste à l'auteur de ce fabuleux pack mon aide pour participer à ce projet et traduire l'interface. - May 13 2010
Fantastic and amazing work as You are used to do. GUI interface working as a charm ! Very useful work for me because as I told you before, I'm computer reseller and thanks to your work, customers are more ready try Linux end get rid of viruses ! And for me, making Ubuntu interface like Windows is a pleasure thanks to your Pack.

I gave help to Gnomenu team since I made the French translation. So I help the community as I can but, for you, I only could made some suggestion that you included in the script.

So if there is a way to translate in french the GUI interface thanks to a text file, I would like to do it if you want.

So many thanks and see you... - May 13 2010
What do you think about another script made for update so they are more easyer to do ? - Apr 16 2010
Hello... like all fans of your work, I browse this page every day and everytime I see an update, it is a good surprise !

Congratulation for your work that I like too much !

So, I woul like you add something new : Everytime I install your script before launching Emerald for the first time, all emerald themes are not installed. I have to run emerald, choose another theme thant Win7 and setup the script again. So, could you ask when it is necessary if the script should run emerald and do it if user choose yes ? Or could you modify the script apply-theme so that it put the emerald themes in the folder again ?

Thanks for all.

P.S : Everytime a customer ask me for a linux machine, I install your pack inside and he's happy ! - Apr 16 2010
All is in the title !

Many thanks for the addons you made after my last suggestions ! I Love your pack and I visit this page every day because I like all the updates ! Perfect work ! Nothing to add. - Feb 23 2010
what about Gnomenu Seven Theme already made by people in the package ? Do you like the idea ?

David. - Feb 19 2010
Hello !

Big congratulations for your work ! I'm computer reseller and your pack help me to make Ubuntu more attractive since it is Seven like. For my customers used to Windows, trying Linux is less scary than the original environment !

But I would like to suggest two options in the script.

First, After every update, I have to run Ubuntu tweak to show mounted removable device on the desktop because the script disable it. So an option to chose if we want to remove this option or not will be usefull.

Second, I would like to choose to keep the original icon of Firefox or not during install because my customers are used to this browser and they search firefox despite the icon is on the desktop. they simply don't recognize it !

Third, before all updates, although I like all those you have made, we have to change the theme if the actual is one of those we are upgrading. Is it possible that the script switch to the original distro theme so we don't have to change it before each upgrade ?

That's all ! Thanks for reading and once again, all my congratulations for your work very very usefull for me ! - Feb 19 2010
Theme dockbarx like seven

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by monga
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Dec 13 2009

Thanks for this applet because I'm the manager of a computer store and it help me to make discovering Linux to my customers like gnomenu and Win2-7 Pack Theme does. It is more easy for people used to work with Windows to try a different OS when it looks like his own environment.

But DockbarX has the same problem than Gnomenu had : OAFIID Error at launch.

Could you do something for this bug ?

Many thanks.

David. - Dec 23 2009
Audio/Video/Image/Text/ISO Convert

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Jan 05 2017
Hello, thanks for answer. The problem is solved ! There is no window anymore for choosing the language despite my ADSL high speed connexion ;-). For info, I use French language. And I never could get french translation even after I have modified the config file with fr, french etc... Now, it seems that there is no language option in config file... - Dec 04 2009
Hello !

First, many congratulations for this fantastic work. Very usefull !

I'm an Ubuntu Karmic user and at first lauch, the script display a list in which we have to select a language but the window is empty with only a button with no text beside at the top of the window.

Second, I use the script to convert FLV audio files (saved with dowload helper firefox extension) to mp3 and since the last two or three versions, the quality of the mp3 generated is less good than the original file.

Could you help me please ?

Many thanks. - Dec 03 2009
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Oct 29 2010
Glowing Stripes 2

Wallpaper Other
by dirku2000

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Jan 05 2010
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Jan 05 2010
Theme dockbarx like seven

DockbarX Themes
by monga

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Dec 24 2009
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Dec 16 2009
Win2-7 Pack

Full Icon Themes
by juandejesuss

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Dec 15 2009
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Dec 15 2009
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Win2-7 Pack

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