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Alex C

GTK3 Themes 12 comments

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Jan 21 2020
Here's the screenshot: - Apr 02 2017
There are several issues with both themes, at least on 3.22:
1) Menu entries on popovers have no hover color
2) GTK 2 theme looks nothing like Material Design. On the GTK+ 3 theme, buttons don't look like Material Design either.
3) The icons on Minimize/maximize buttons on CSD apps are white on the Android theme, so they cannot be seen. - Mar 31 2017

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
I liked the darker shade of blue of the old version of the theme better. Also, the theming on the Preferences dialog of Monodevelop is wrong. Wrong text color, invisible text boxes and combo bars, etc. Zukitre works fine with Monodevelop though. - Apr 23 2016
Please port this great theme to 3.14! GNOME broke stuff again :( - Sep 25 2014
Thank you very much! - May 15 2014
When I run an app with CSD in Xfce the icon for the fallback app menu is the same as the close button. The icon should be a circle with a ring around it, like in the Adwaita theme. - May 13 2014
Zukitwo Pack

GTK2 Themes 19 comments

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Jun 01 2016
Hello! Thanks for keeping Zukitwo updated. There is one issue with the theme though: on Libreoffice 5.1 (with gtk3 enabled) the scrollbar is not visible. - Apr 02 2016
zonColor Themes Pack

GTK3 Themes 71 comments

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Jun 30 2013
Your GTK3 theme didn't work in my PC, whenever a GTK+ 3 app opened while using this theme it crashed due to segfaults. I'm using Debian sid with GTK+ 3.8. - Jun 17 2013

GTK3 Themes 36 comments

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Feb 16 2013
What's the font you used for the screenshot? - Jan 19 2013

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

by TiZ
Score 73.0%
Oct 03 2010
There aren't any themes on GTK3 that fit with this theme :( - Oct 05 2011