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Aug 02 2007
Hello everybody, I forget to mention that 99% for the theme credit was for the creator of funky, the soviet idea was mine, as you may see he created funky without any soviet intention, as I did, sorry for don't be as original as he expects me to be, next time I'll do it from the beginning may be delaying more but I learned that here people doesn't likes you to contribute without been mentioned, for me it's ok if you don't know who created the soviet theme, it's for you to use it and do whatever you want with it, it's not my business, even only with my icon, on the other side you may ask to the author of funky to make any change to the colors... and ask him what he did and what can you do with that, or ask him for the copyright as I didn't seen it...

I let you here New Soviet for emerald and wait for the metacity version. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. And I don't need you to mention me.

P.D. This was made from the begining.

- Mar 23 2009
did you mean why?
Well ignorant people confuses nazi with soviet.

Do you think I like American bars around the world? That remember me...

Fascist. - Jan 29 2008
Thank's all of you for your comments, when I made this theme I was inspired for the good values of the soviets, waiting for Russia to get another paper in this world, today I'm happy to see that they are fighting for a multipolar world in which every nation has the right to defend their rights, I was right and Russia is now wake up. - Jan 24 2008
I hope this theme remember to the world that moral values exist and nobody can erase that. - Sep 13 2007
ok, we'll continue making better this world, thank you. - Sep 13 2007
can I take your icon for my next version of the theme?? - Aug 04 2007
Yes, but if you see buttons have actions, if you hover the mouse on the button the icon has a change, if you click the button has another different change, so not only change the button, his actions too. - Aug 04 2007
ok I'll do it soon. - Aug 02 2007
Windows XP Clone Settings (Plus Vista)

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Jan 09 2008
why don't you run vista with quemu, better why don't you uninstall linux and install vista...
Ok if you like windows why you don't go to a windows zone, linux is not windows thank god!
Please stop trying make linux look like that sh... be original we don't need to copy, we need creativity if you don't have that please stay away. - Feb 08 2008
Soviet - Red Son

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Feb 04 2008
good, I like it - Feb 08 2008