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Marco Cadima Guarulhos, Brazil

Gnome 2 Color Schemes 9 comments

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Apr 28 2010
Hey Man. Forget.
I found way. Installed gnome-color-chooser and load your text file.
I learn something new.
Marco from Brasil. - Apr 27 2010
Very nice work, man!
But, I don't know how to use either!
Can you help us?
Thanks in advanced.
- Apr 27 2010
Fresh and Clean

System Sounds 18 comments

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Nov 22 2011
Congratulations. The name represents very well the theme. Just using it. Thank you. - Apr 14 2010

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

Score 58.0%
Apr 16 2010
I updated my theme.
Thank you for remember.
See you!
User from Bras(z)il...
- Apr 11 2010
OK. I allways visit this site. When the update be ok, I will donwload it.
Congratulations again.
Thak you for your response... (is that right? My english is weak...) - Apr 08 2010
Congratulations! I love light brown themes. I'm using now.
Marco from Brasil. - Apr 07 2010