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Banshee Lyrics Plugin

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Jun 04 2009
don't patch it, download the new version(0.7) instead - Jun 04 2009
Banshee Lyrics Plugin

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Jun 04 2008
There is a new version of the plugin (for banshee 1.4.1) available at:

I forgot my previous account password, so I made a new one (martellc1)

Christian - Dec 12 2008
the lyrics plugin already stores lyrics on the hard drive. Look in ~/.config/banshee/plugins/lyrics directory :) - Dec 10 2008
Ok guys,
It seems that you love the plugin.. :) So I have to restart working on it.

I have worked on 'gnome media applet' until now and I didn't have any time for the lyrics plugin.
I think It's time for a new release..

Wait and hope.

Christian - Nov 30 2008
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by dilomo

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Apr 24 2009
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Dec 30 2008