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Matteo Azzali
Chaninja-Subzero icons builder

Icon Sub-Sets 30 comments

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Sep 29 2005
Since these icons are public-distributed, I found a workaround (double download +
heavy scripting) . Now the choice is from to release "pure chaninja theme"
with my additions only, or to release with parts of other projects (some action +
apps icons from exquisite cause integrates better than crystalSVG, and 2 "overlay"
got from crystalSVG itself).

I sended mail to ask permits for Exquisite and CrystalSVG, hopin we will be more
lucky for these.... - Sep 13 2005
Sigh, that email is dead. I subscribed to 3 differents forums trying to reach him, but 0 results for now, seems that his
latest forum access was in may of this year.

I'm currently trying to workarounding this
by a "double download" + "double scripting" release , it's givin me some headaches but could be finished in 1-2 weeks.(will require the download of the
original icons and imagemagick installed.) - Sep 13 2005

System Software 120 comments

by karye
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Sep 06 2007
( I forgot to specify 0.7_rc3.
also watcher kuroo home path is
/var/tmp/kuroo , seems to be correct.
(watcher blocked by my firewall ?
firefox reads feeds correctly...
akregator also) - Sep 09 2005
Ok, thanks, for now I report my tests:
a)decent stability, my system crashed only when I moved 8 times in the tabs while doing a sync with gentoo mirrors.

b)"Backup saved in /var/tmp/kuroo/backup."
after etc-update with kompare didn't results in anything created under
/var/tmp/kuroo, also there isn't neither
backup folder neither a backup file. - Sep 09 2005
I'm trying ver 0.7 rc3 , and would need to know if is using esearch/ needing esync
anymore ,
also, Gentoo Watcher "update" menu entry
of toolbar icon doesn't appear to do anything, my gentoo watcher window is alway empty (does this means my system is up-to date?) - Sep 08 2005
KPager2 for Kicker

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 176 comments

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Mar 31 2005
Don't know if it helps, but under
kde3.4.2 kpager2 gives me this error:
KPager: received SIGNAL(KApplication::backgroundChanged(int==3)) with KBackgroundIface->isCommon()==1
KPager: received SIGNAL(KApplication::backgroundChanged(int==2)) with KBackgroundIface->isCommon()==1
KPager2: Warning: bug in kicker - Kicker doesn't have NET::skipPager set.
KPager2: Warning: bug in kicker - Kicker doesn't have NET::skipPager set.
KPager2: Warning: bug in kicker - Kicker doesn't have NET::skipPager set.

(the pager is working only with the
first workaround, killing kicker) - Jul 31 2005
Backup to ZIP

Dolphin Service Menus 14 comments

by CaCO3
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May 01 2006
just change the date format as in my next
post, that's the I/O error

(%x gives "/" character wich isn't usable in filenames) - Jul 22 2005
Have to modify a bit to make it work.
(.sh file)
Beeps was almost useless for me so I
just commented out the line.
then I had problems with the date command,
I changed
date +'%x_%k-%M-%S'
date +'%F_%k-%M-%S'

since %x option showed me time in
dd/mm/yyyy format,with char "/" that I
can't use in filenames.

Now I just need to figure how to make zip
files (here) without adding previous path
(eg: if here is /home/user1 , don't have /home/user1 folder memorized in zips) - Jul 21 2005
Ultimate Lyrics

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by berkowitz

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Jul 24 2009

Audio Apps
by davidsansome

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