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Sep 05 2017
You're welcome, but never mind what i said. It may be true but even with a stable connection it seems to skip the end of a few videos. Maybe there's something about their length - Feb 17 2017
Click tools / options / all (at the bottom left) / Input/codecs
There you can set the preferred video resolution
I guess somehow you can set it to only audio there too
- Feb 15 2017
I'm pretty sure about this but still I might be wrong.
I noticed that the skipping happens when connection issues happen. If i disconnect from the internet just for a second the download stops and the video plays only till it gets to end of the downloaded part. So basically if the downloading of the video stops it can't be resumed. - Feb 02 2017
i figured out how to increase it to 400, but i dont really understand the code, just messing around. I will post later if i could make it work properly - Jan 28 2017
I'm using the latest version of youtube.lua and the 149909-playlist_youtube.lua
Everything seems to work fine but as it seems only the first 200 videos of the playlist appear in vlc. Got any solution for that? - Jan 12 2017