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Maximiliano Boscovich Santa Fé, Argentina
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Aug 31 2010
Yes, is true. I would like to add those new features, but i don't have so many time. I'll try to do this soon.
This plasmoid script is a port of a karamba script that I've done few years ago ( I would like to add graph and configurations options, so please give me some weeks to do this. If you have python knowledges, you can help me to improve it, you've just needed to read to start with it. Regards - Sep 01 2010
I uploaded the new version. Its show the dns name, but this is a reverse dns name resolution. Please checked this and tell me if you find a bug. Regards - Aug 31 2010
Good idea! It's true, the dns name is more human readable :D ... i'll apply the changes soon. I'll tell you when i finish. Thanks for the advice.
Regards - Aug 31 2010
Sorry, i forget to delete that file. The pyc file is autogenerated by python, it isn't necesary. Please try again, i uploaded the fixed version (i hope). Regards - Aug 30 2010

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Aug 15 2009
Hi, i've just upload a english traslation of netstat (please check my atworks). Could you check this one please? because i'm at work and i don't have plasmoid here :P.
This afternoon i'll check my self.
Regards. - Aug 30 2010

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Jun 24 2008
sorry, the file yo must modify is netstat.theme not :D.

And a easier way of to do this, is just open the netstat.skz file with ark and modify the file :D . - Jun 23 2008
follow the nexts steps:

1)create a directory:
mkdir netstat

2)copy netstat.skz into the new directory:
cp netstat.skz netstat

3)unzip netstat.skz (.skz es a zip file :D ):
cd netstat
unzip netstat.skz

4) edit the file and change all eth0 for ppp0:
nano -w

5) zip again the .skz file with:
zip netstat-new.skz *

6) load it in superkaramba

7) enjoy it! :D - Jun 23 2008