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Feb 15 2008
Unfortunately I'm having hosting problems and there isn't a lot I can do. Additionally, the generator is somewhat obsolete at this point and I'm gauging whether there's enough demand to warrant a new version. - Jun 16 2009
Sorry for the downed server - I've strayed over the bandwidth cap (10 GB), but things should be back up in a month. If anyone's interested in preventing this from happening again, I have implemented a mirroring system but have not as of yet received any offers to provide one. - Apr 04 2008
That's murrine rounded - . - Mar 17 2008
Sure, I'm guessing I was working off an unofficial desktop file. I'll add that link in the next release. - Mar 03 2008
I'm looking into it. I'm wary about porting it to KDE 3, since the icon format is entirely different from KDE 4 and will probably take more effort. There's also the fact that either approach will require an alternate GUI to be reasonably effective. If you can find any indication of interest in it (I'm not sure where the best place to put a pole would be) I could certainly work on it. - Feb 24 2008
You need to select a theme, click the customise button and then select the icon theme. - Feb 18 2008
I'll add this very soon - I drew the icon a while ago but for some reason forgot to add it to the selection. - Feb 15 2008
Thanks a lot, I hope you continue to offer suggestions. - Feb 15 2008
I've had numerous people say they prefer that patched icon, and ultimately I believe it's a matter of taste. It shouldn't be difficult to remove that icon from any sets if it bothers you, or you can modify the themes.xml file. - Feb 15 2008
What distribution are you using? Sounds very like it uses a python version other than 2.5 or 2.4, or you've installed the wrong package. - Feb 15 2008
'Edit': I've just checked out a copy and it seems there are significant modifications - I'll add them in the next release. - Feb 14 2008
You should get pretty much the same icons with "Old Tango", which includes a few more icons that were originally part of mainstream Tango. I may include that as an additional option, but don't want to extend the list much more. - Feb 14 2008
Unfortunately, despite stating his intentions the author isn't, in fact, following the guidelines which specify the provision of sizes, which results in a very messy look and lower resolutions IMO and makes the theme incompatible with the generator. It also violates the licenses of many icons (including a fair few I drew myself) by packaging CC Attribution Share Alike and GPL icons together despite the fact that the two licenses conflict. Not to mention a lack of attribution for any of the CC Attribution icons used.

I posted quite a lengthy comment about this in the comments to the icon theme which the author promptly ignored, and have no intention to go to great lengths to incorporate the theme. - Jan 28 2008
The smaller fedora menu icons have only recently become available and will be updated in the next release. I'll certainly send all my original icons upstream when I have the time, although I'm too busy to get into it right now (I'm collaborating in cases where I've been contacted but not actively filing bugs etc. at the moment). - Jan 17 2008
That'll be done in the next release - sorry for the delay. - Jan 14 2008
I've previously held off doing this since I haven't noticed any real performance differences on any of my hardware/virtual machines and it can cause problems in rare cases. It's not a big problem to fix, however, and I think the generated icon themes have improved to the point that I can include this in the next release. - Jan 08 2008
For anyone else who has this problem, mariux's solution is here: - Jan 02 2008
I'll look into that - it's most likely an icon which Gion's left in the wrong directory. Thanks for the information. - Jan 02 2008
No problem, hope you enjoy using it. - Dec 31 2007
Thanks for the kind words. As you can see, there's now a .deb package available for Ubuntu although I'm not sure if it's up to the packaging standards for multiverse inclusion. - Dec 31 2007
You need to progress through the generator until there's an open button. I haven't currently implemented loading in the way you tried. - Dec 28 2007
You'll need to go on to the theme order page and chose open. - Dec 27 2007
The 48x48 icon is normally generated from available SVgs, whereas smaller icons are downloaded as PNGs. - Dec 26 2007
The GTK theme's aurora looks and the metacity's murrine small rounded. When you ask for them to be fixed - do you mean there's anything specifically wrong with the icons on your install or that you don't like the icons? The latter I can't really fix, although I may provide a way to override icons in a future version. Regardless, if you'd like to comment or suggest app features I'd appreciate you posting on my website, since it's far easier to keep track of than one of hundreds of comments spread across many pages (the situation I ended up in with Tango Generator 2). - Dec 26 2007
It depends a lot on your machine spec, configuration and filesystem, but ultimately that's not surprising. Making a single theme requires the downloading and unarchiving of about 25MB of data (processor intensive because of the huge number of small files) and the copying, resizing, rendering deleting, moving and linking of tens of thousands of images. Unfortunately, due to inconsistencies between themes, there are very few shortcuts that can be taken in this process. - Dec 26 2007
That should hopefully be fixed now. - Dec 26 2007
Try redownloading - that should be fixed by now. If not, post the result of "locate control-center-2.0". - Dec 26 2007
Thanks for the tip off. I did make those icons, but have been too busy with the generator to actually get round to submitting them, and have previously been met with... hostility when suggesting an icon. Do you have a bug report or link to his request for artwork? Cheers. - Dec 26 2007
That should be fixed too now, thanks for the report. - Dec 26 2007
You should expect it to be slow since there's about 20 MB of archives to download and a lot of processing going on. I expect some holes in the icon theme - go to for more information. - Dec 25 2007
That should be fixed now. Thanks for the report. - Dec 25 2007
I've fixed that - do you get any more errors? - Dec 25 2007
The latest update should fix that for you. - Dec 25 2007
I haven't tested it on pure openbox, but there shouldn't be anything gnome dependent in there that doesn't degrade gracefully. If you do have problems, post any errors you'll get and I should be able to fix them. Oh, and this version doesn't yet modify applications - it merely generates an icon theme. - Dec 25 2007
It should do - try running the command I previously gave you. I'll try setting up a virtual machine to test it further in. - Dec 25 2007
You misspelt Be careful to type the command precisely. - Dec 25 2007
What distribution's that? Regarldess, it should work if you run 'export xdg_data_dirs="/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/" && ./'. - Dec 25 2007
What distribution's that? Regarldess, it should work if you run 'export xdg_data_dirs="/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/" && ./'. - Dec 25 2007
CD into the directory and run "chmod +x && ./". If you get an error, post it here - likely you don't have python or pygtk installed. - Dec 25 2007
Sorry, fixed. - Dec 25 2007
Ubuntu Dust

GTK2 Themes 125 comments

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Sep 08 2008
This is definitely an issue of the engine not being recognised correctly - is it possible you've installed an older version by mistake? Alternatively, the package you installed could be broken - if you're using Ubuntu Intrepid, Debian Unstable or a release based off either of those the version in the repositories should work fine i believe.

Apologies for the rude reply you received, not all linux users are so defensive and aggressive.... - Dec 25 2008
Coming Storm

GDM Themes 17 comments

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Feb 24 2008
Sorry, the servers currently down. I'm doing my best to get things sorted. - Apr 05 2008
Cheers for pointing this out, I'll include it in the next update. - Feb 26 2008
It originally had a bottom more like the top, but I found it to be quite boring. I personally prefer it as it is, but may tone it down a bit. If i can get it to look good enough without the fading, I may release a mod. - Feb 24 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes 330 comments

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Apr 09 2010
IANAL, but with the GPL you essentially have the choice of releasing GPL'd work with sources or keeping it for personal use *unless* you own the original copyright. If you'd made this all completely from scratch that would be fine (you can release "preview" releases under a proprietary license), but since a large proportion of these icons are modifications of GPL'd icons I don't believe you can package them with proprietary icons or release them in an encrypted package unless your provide unencrypted sources. At the very least, you can't distribute GPL'd (or GPL based) icons in an encrypted package and complain if someone else uploads them unencrypted.

The fact is there are a fair few people who will take issue with *demanding* donations (even if a free version remains available) - very few people successfully monetise GUI artwork even on traditionally closed platforms. I'm in no position to tell you how to act, but I would warn against annoying the community while standing on shaky legal standing and hoping for 'donations' from them. - Feb 28 2008
OpenOffice 2007

OpenOffice Splash Screens 15 comments

by juaka
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Feb 16 2008
They've probably patented it, but there's prior-art in the form of Blender's "ribbon". - Feb 17 2008
They've probably patented it, but there's prior-art in the form of Blender's "ribbon". - Feb 17 2008

Full Icon Themes 12 comments

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Feb 14 2008
Great! So because lots of other people break copyright, it means its ok to do so! I agree the fedora comment was pretentious, but I'm against ripping of other operating systems' icons. - Feb 06 2008

Full Icon Themes 18 comments

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Jan 20 2008
Hey, I'm the author of the Tango Generator here on gnome-look on which your theme seems, in part, to be based. First off, I'd like to congratulate you on an original and good looking icon theme. I'm very impressed with your work so please don't take any of the following comments the wrong way.

However you have packaged GPL and Creative Commons icons together. By licensing the whole package as GPL, you're essentially permitting anyone who downloads it to use the Creative Commons icons under the terms of the GPL, which is against the wishes of the artists who drew those icons. You could, technically, be liable for copyright infringement (although the chances of anyone prosecuting you are pretty much zero). I spent a significant amount of time ensuring conflicting icons were kept in separate packaged with my generator, and attributed all authors.

Secondly, many of the icons you've used are higher res icons directly scaled down to lower resolutions, rather than redrawn for these resolutions. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but as explained at this must be done to conform to the Tango style guidelines (although ultimately it is, of course, your decision). I'd have a go at it myself if I wasn't quite so busy at the moment...

Finally, it's considered good manners to attribute anyone who's work you use, even in an open source project, and the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.5 (which many Tango icons are under) actually specifies this.

One way to get around the above licensing issues is to package the icons separately and provide a way for your user to merge them - one of the original goals of my Tango Generator - although obviously the individual licenses must still be conformed to. If you'd like this help with this I can most likely provide some.

Sorry if this comes across overly critical - I like your original icons very much but am a strong believer in FOSS which falls apart if licenses aren't obeyed. - Jan 08 2008
Mac OSX Leopard 10.5 Full pack

GDM Themes 49 comments

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Jun 25 2008
How about showing a screenshot that actual demonstrates what you've posted, rather than what Leopard itself looks like? - Dec 26 2007