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Tango Generator 3

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Feb 15 2008
Thanks - it seems there was a permissions issue on the server. Should be sorted now. - Dec 25 2007
Tango-Generator 2

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Dec 15 2007
I'm reworking pretty much the entire app to make it more robust, reliable, and extensible, as well as adding to and completing the themes. It hope it'll be done by Christmas, but I can't make any guarantees. - Dec 11 2007
Can you please use the same command I gave greyslim above so I can know the names of the appropriate icon files? - Dec 03 2007
You were nearly there in the non-specified path bit - icons are generally placed in /usr/share/hicolor/[size]/apps/ or /usr/share/pixmaps, with precedence in that order, and all themes do inherit hicolor.

I actually already implement a system very similar to what you described, but it works very transparently and does not yet cover all potential icons. Essentially I copy a version of the .desktop to ~/.local/applications, but replace the Icon= line. It searches iteratively in a few directories for these shortcuts using the same approach as gnome-menu-editor. A copy of the original icon is then put in a hicolor theme in the user's ~/.icons/ directory, which is hidden so they can't select it, and is used as a fallback when the current theme doesn't specify a modified icon. This has the added advantage of not requiring root access and being very easy to reverse.

It shouldn't be much trouble to add most of those icons, so look forward to the new release in 1-2 weeks. - Nov 28 2007
The new officially endorsed specification is to have emblems actually of the size of the folder their in in at least 16,22,32 and scalable; since Gnome uses a much more logical method of emblem selection. This will be in the next release. - Nov 27 2007
Cheers for that. The third major revision should be along soon (within a couple of weeks, so I'm not going to try and bother updating the 2nd version to actually work with changed package locations and Gnome 2.20), and I'll do my best to include what I can.

If you have the time, I'd appreciate the names of icons that each of those use (some should be easy to install, but the bloat from installing all the apps the generator supports is a real pain, as is managing virtual machine disk space etc). You can do that easily enough by opening gnome-terminal, typing 'cat ', dragging the shortcut on and then adding '| grep Icon=' before pressing enter. - Nov 27 2007
Sorry it's taken me a while to reply, but rest assured that those will be covered in the next release. - Nov 24 2007
Just wait a few weeks, and there will be a new version up. - Nov 24 2007
Thanks for the list - most of those will be included in the next version. Let me know if you find any more. - Nov 24 2007
Discovery will be included in the next release, but CrashBit doesn't seem to follow the guidelines or spec from what I can tell. I've decided to restrict the generator only to specifically Tango themes, to prevent it bloating out of control and losing the cohesive look of the themes it generates. - Nov 22 2007
At the moment it's unfortunately largely dependant on me getting hosting sorted out. I'd hope within the next month, although that may overrun. - Nov 15 2007
I've currently got this working experementally. The previous release simply used information available in the icon themes selected (transforming placement between icon sizes), but situations such as the one you've mentioned mean I will most likely hack in some sensible defaults. - Nov 06 2007
That should be fixed in the next version too - I asusume it works fine without OpenOffice? - Oct 27 2007
It's a change in Gnome 2.20 that'll be fixed in the next version. - Oct 27 2007
That's actually in the work, I'm just working on Tango icons for various other distros to give the user a choice. - Aug 08 2007
Can you try running from the terminal and posting your output? Also try running 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator' and starting again. - Jul 20 2007
I'm working on it, but it's proving difficult due to the variety of directory structures etc between packages and systems. - Jul 18 2007
You shouldn't have to theme epiphany on 7.04 - its pretty much got Tango icons by default. As for Azureus, are you using one of the Vuze versions (ie 3.0)? What did you have to change the string to? Finally, I'll update the OO URL in the next relese. - Jun 25 2007
OpenOffice in 7.04 is somewhat hacked, and contains only one icon theme which is Ubuntu branded. The script typically works by replacing the 'outdated' industrial icons. In epiphany, the only icons that would normally be 'tango-ified' are ones which are by default in Gnome 2.18.

You can, however, install various Tango OpenOffice icon sets manually. - Jun 25 2007
I've implemented a system where if you have an unusual file structure that's not recognised it will just not be detected. This is to prevent the generator 'tango-ifying' directories that appear similar to the target one but are in fact completely unrelated. If you give me your distro name and version I'll have a look into it. - Jun 25 2007
They're currently in a mess spread between two computers. I've used elements of both GPL & CC icons in different icons, so I'm going to have to sort out the licensing before I can release them collectively. - Jun 16 2007
I'll probably squeeze it in to the next release. Do you know if it uses GTK stock icons or its own hard linked ones? - Jun 15 2007
I'll look into it. I've got other priorities right now, but when I get back to the 'generator I'll look into it. I've never used thunderbird regularly, and installed it temporarily only to test the generator. - Jun 06 2007
That's basically a bug with the way the two apps request icons. For beryl, you can get around it by selecting beryl as an app to install icons for. Without them fixing the apps to request icons properly (I may file a bug report if they don't get onto it), I'm left with hackish and risky ways to implement this that I'm not overly keen about. - May 26 2007
That's a bug, but it doesn't actually change the way the icon's applied in anyway so I haven't uploaded the new version yet. As for why it hasn't applied, the shortcut probably hasn't been switched to the correct icon. I've described how to find out where a shortcut is pointing a few posts up. - May 25 2007
That's odd. Add or modify the line 'Icon=gimp' to ~/.local/applications/gimp.desktop' (that may not be the exact path depending on your distro, but it should be similar). - May 24 2007
Or you may just have to run 'killall gnome-panel'. Sometimes gnome can be quite bad at updating icons as in this case, where I had to manually override the path to the icon with the generator. - May 24 2007
That's part of the upstream GPL package - make sure you have it selected. If not, type 'cat ' in the terminal, drag the gimp icon onto it, type ' | grep Icon', press enter and post the output here. - May 24 2007
That's something that's actually been specified by that theme. If you go into the 'gray-folders.tar.gz' archive in ~/.tango-generator/archives, you can go to scalable/places/folder.icon and delete it. Re-generate a theme and it should be 'fixed'. I'm hesitant to change this from the original theme, but will do so if enough people consider it an improvement. - May 23 2007
Have you got rsvg-convert installed as the post above describes? Please post a screenshot if that isn't the issue. - May 23 2007
I can't reproduce this bug. Can you post a screenshot? Try running 'rm -rf ~/.tango-generator/', and then running again. Also, select all icon themes so that only the order they're in reflects your customisations. - May 21 2007
icons for Network Manager in KDE style

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Nov 21 2007
I think it would be a good idea to credit jimmac as the artist of these icons. - Nov 20 2007
Coming Storm

GDM Themes 17 comments

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Feb 24 2008
I lost my original sources with a harddrive crash, but am working on an improved version (along with a few other personal projects so it may be a while yet). I'll probably work in some color variations with that, depending on the file size. - Aug 09 2007

System Sounds 42 comments

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Mar 21 2011
To convert to ogg, install vorbis-tools and run oggenc -q5 "$in.wav" -o "out.ogg". -q5 is a value for the quality vs bitrate of the output file - play around with it and check out the resulting file sizes and sound qualities. - Jul 05 2007
inspiration with ubuntu ...

Various Gnome Stuff 16 comments

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Jun 17 2007
A great poster, but just a couple of suggestions. I too find the title a bit week, but can't think of a better one so can hardly complain. You could go nuts and pull an apple with "The most powerful OS on the planet" but that's pushing it a bit.

Also, I do feel some of the desktops should have apps open - at the moment it's more a collection of wallpapers than a demonstration of the app's capabilities.

Anyway, its a great little picture that has, relatively, extremely high production qualities. Keep it up. - Jun 17 2007
Neo-Gilouche - GTK & Beryl Themes

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

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May 26 2007
I think the first point is a bug with some emerald versions. I may try increasing the window border size to get around it, although that does break with how I want the theme to look. As for the GTK bug, can you point to an example with a GTK app? I haven't noticed it in Gnome and don't have XFCE installed at the moment. - Jun 12 2007
Fixed the issue, will upload again once I've tweaked it a bit more. - May 14 2007
Gray-ce-full Icon Theme

Icon Sub-Sets 47 comments

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Jun 12 2007
You should probably chose a license to put them under - check out the differences between GPL and CC-ASA. You can then chuck them in with the relevant icons. - Jun 11 2007
You need to split the themes up by license into two seperate packages. Basically, different terms govern what you can do with GPL and Creative Commons icons. You'll need to find out which icons fall under which license and split them up based on that.

For example, icons based on Tango icons are Creative Commons, and could be put in a package with ones derived from silvestre's Gion icons. Gnome based icons have to be GPL, and can only be put in a package with other GPL icons such as nuoveXT.

These packages/archives have to be seperate, but you can get one to depend on the other.

Also, at the risk of sounding a little anal you could potentially get dropped from adwords by asking people to click on the adverts. - Jun 11 2007
That's not necessarily true - you can make a 'Gray-ce-full GPL' and a 'Gray-ce'full CC' package, have them inherit each other. Alternatively, if you make them Tango compliant (lightsource top left, lighter inner border, shadow, 16x16, 22x22 & scalable sizes) I'll be more than happy to add them to my Tango Generator which gets round the problem in a slightly more elegant and transparent way. - Jun 04 2007
My bad, that should be ctrl + shit + f (I tweaked my build). You an also go to Object -> Fill & Stroke. - May 10 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

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Jun 14 2007
It's probably worth either blurring the corners with Gimp or sketching some ones that fit in in inkscape, since they're currently pixelated which is unnecessary in composited window managers. Nice theme, though! - Jun 10 2007
Flygo (Tango remix)

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Jun 04 2007
I'm the author of the Tango-Generator, and with regards to your comments on the license it's kind of a problem. Basically, some icons are GPL, some CC-ASA and some have no specified license at this time (some of the Custom Application Icons). There's also a fair few of my own icons which are mostly GPL, but I'll dual license them CC if anyone knows if that's possible.

You're best chance is to split the theme by license and have one inherit the other, so when a user installs them both, they get a seamless icon theme. I'm also looking to include coloured folders & computer icons etc. and include a method for others to specify colour and theme order through a configuration file.

Anyway it's nice to actually be credited when someone uses your icons, and I hope you manage to resolve the license issues. - Jun 05 2007
Kamel icons

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Dec 10 2007
Is there any chance that you'll create additional icons for smaller sizes? Notably, the Tango method of using a light inner highlight and keeping all lines 1px thick helps to make icons better looking and lower resolutions - do you have any plans to follow this? - Jun 03 2007

Metacity Themes 17 comments

Score 67.1%
May 26 2007
Amazing theme. However, I feel it could be improved with some subtle shadows - beneath the titlebar text for example - and a light source in the top left - gradients that're slightly lighter in that direction. It looks great, regardless, so I hope you keep working on it. - May 26 2007
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

GTK2 Themes 370 comments

Score 80.4%
Sep 22 2010
Love the progress you've made with this theme, but since you don't have 'many ideas to improve the look'...

1. Gradients on tabs a la aurora.
2. Gnome panel background drawn by the engine itself (setting a pixmap background causes issues with certain dialogues).
3. Option for a slightly more detailed gloss (more like the cillop theme or aqua), although that would be a fair bit slower to render.
4. 'Embedded' buttons and maybe some other widgets - appear slightly lowered in the window.
5. OS X style scroll bars with rounded inner facing edges to the scroll buttons.

I really hope that you continue to work on the murrine engine besides your other projects, since it's one of the most good looking and fun to theme one's out there (if not the best). - May 14 2007

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

by bvc
Score 50.0%
May 12 2007
Great colour sets, but do you have any plans to release icons in lower resolutions? If you don't have the time, I'll give it a go in a few weeks when I've finished my current Project. Cheerrs for releasing them here. - May 12 2007
Green Glass GDM

GDM Themes 21 comments

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Sep 07 2007
If its any help loginbox.png has the same corners. Are you rendering form an SVG? - May 10 2007
I made the Coming Storm GDM you at least partly based this off, and it needs to be relicensed as Creative Commons to be compatible with the Tango icons. Artisticly, it's a nice work although I'm not sure about the pixelated corners. Keep it up :) - May 10 2007
Murrina gtk pack

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

by bvc
Score 50.0%
May 10 2007
Are you going to work to bring over any of your other works from In particular, I like the coloured Tango icons (I'm looking on including something similar in the next version of my Tango Generator).

Anyway, I hope you'll continue making on themes without your website. Keep it up! - May 10 2007