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Beryl/Emerald Themes 21 comments

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Nov 16 2008
Nice work. Kinda reminds me of Google Chrome. - Nov 14 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes 1 comment

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Jul 23 2008
I thought the RROD was pretty clever and funny, but I'm an Xbox guy myself so I don't think I'll be using this (: ...kudos nonetheless - Jul 11 2008
Wideubuntu Usplash

Usplash Themes 15 comments

by MBL
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Jul 10 2008
Yeah, that worked perfectly! I have to make a suggestion: To make this easier for people who are afraid to compile and use a terminal, you can upload the .so file and then people can just download the .so and then download Startup Manager from Synaptic and change the usplash theme right there from a GUI. It just makes changing usplash themes a breeze. Thanks again for the theme! - Jul 05 2008
I just tried what you said and I get this:

me@me-laptop:~/Desktop/usplash-theme-wideubuntu-1.0$ make
make: Circular throbber_back.png <- throbber_back.png.c dependency dropped.
pngtousplash throbber_back.png > throbber_back.png.c
/bin/sh: pngtousplash: not found
make: *** [throbber_back.png.c] Error 127
rm throbber_back.png.c

Any ideas how to fix this? - Jul 05 2008
Great idea for a usplash. This will really help, but how do I make this into a .so file? I tried make and install, but none of them seemed to work. Could you post the .so file here or give me instructions on how to make it? Thanks again! - Jul 05 2008
Gnome simple powerfull free

Wallpapers Gnome 6 comments

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May 22 2008
The misspelling is also on the wallpaper lol - May 22 2008
"powerfull" should be "powerful".
It doesn't have 2 "l"'s - May 22 2008
"powerfull" should be "powerful".
It doesn't have 2 "l"'s - May 22 2008
by oscrp
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Aug 10 2008
Right, but I have those buttons turned off for all my screenlets. Never really liked them. Thanks for the quick fix once again! - May 21 2008
Wow, what an update. This was exactly what I was looking for! The only suggestion I have left is that you can add the "Properties..." link in the right click menu of the screenlet. It used to be in the previous updates, but not in this one. Just a minor inconvience of having to go into Screenlets Manager to get to the screenlet options, but I thought it would probably be an easy fix as well. Thanks again for adding the ability to add themes manually. Very cool! - May 21 2008
I love this screenlet and just wanted to thank you for not only the consistent updates, but the quick fixes to the bugs. I always look forward to your updates! Also, any chance you could add the off-shape themes like Signature? It would also be really cool if we got Marble as a theme in this screenlet. Keep up the good work! - May 18 2008